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How To Buy Traffic To The Site

Buying traffic allows you to rapidly increase the number of visitors to the site. To do this, you need to put ads on sites with high traffic. To determine the most effective option, you should use several traffic sources at once.

How to buy traffic to the site

When the traffic of a commercial site is low, the number of calls and requests from buyers will be minimal. To develop business via the Internet, you need to constantly work on attracting new relevant visitors. To do this, you can put ads on various visited resources. The visitors of these sites should be interested in the topic of your site, and the services or products that are offered on it.

All site owners who need a quick growth in the number of relevant visitors ought to buy traffic. To assess the effectiveness of the response from advertising on different sites and optimize costs, you should use several sources at once. After analyzing the flow of visitors, you'll understand which sources need to be used further, and which can be discarded.

When choosing an exchange or site for advertising, pay attention to the cost of clicks, the resource popularity, and the audience type that visits it. Some sources bring visitors with different interests from different cities and countries. On others, you can configure geolocation and user settings. However, you'll have to pay more to get such an opportunity.

Where to buy traffic to the site

Contextual advertising with the help of Google Adwords. It can place a textual, banner, and video advertisement. The user will see the ad according to the set-up parameters: key requests, age, gender, actual location. As a result, you get relevant traffic to your site.

Payment is determined for each click (PPC) or one thousand clicks (CPM). Contextual advertising is suitable for all companies whose products are searched and bought over the Internet. The sites of highly competitive topics with a low average check may be an exception.
Example of contextual advertising via Google Adwords
Other services for placing contextual advertising are Rdirect.com, Outbrain, Nativo, Gravity, Triplelift, NativeAds.
Teaser advertising. It is displayed as a small picture with a built-in link and a short, captivating inscription. You can place such ads on partner sites or in users' browsers.

You can buy live traffic to a site using teaser advertising on such marketplaces as Traffic Marketplace, Teaser Media, Traffim which serve for the placement on affiliate programs and Surfearner, Teaser, P2P to receive traffic from browsers.
Example of teaser advertising
Teaser networks consist of sites on different topics with high traffic. The placement of such advertising is cheaper compared to the context, but visitors aren't always relevant. Most of all, such a source of traffic is chosen by companies selling consumer goods at a low cost.
Banner traffic. Advertising in the form of eye-catching graphic banners with links. They are placed in the visible part of the resource page which is visited. Most often, the advertiser himself provides a ready-made banner for placement.

You can buy targeted traffic using banners on the following exchanges: Adblade, BuySellAds, MediaNet, Hilltopads.
Example of advertising banner
Banner advertising is suitable for all sites where you can buy popular goods. The advantage of this source involves its low cost; the drawback includes low user confidence in banners.
Advertising on social networks. Advertising posts, graphic banners, hidden ads (native advertising) are placed in the hyped groups and pages of the most popular social networks.

You can also customize targeted ads to attract a more relevant audience. The purchase of Internet traffic can be carried out directly through these sites or exchanges.
Example of ads on social media
This traffic source is worth choosing if your target audience visits certain social networks regularly.
Advertising on a popular blog. It is placed in a promoted profile on a social network or the site of a famous blogger.

To buy traffic to a site from this source, you can directly contact the account owner or contact the specialized Buy Web Traffics network.
Example of ads on blogs
The plus of this source is the cost and choice of advertising (text or video). The downside is that all blog visitors will be its audience.

It's suitable for consumer products' advertising or to increase brand visibility.
PopUp. In the first case, it's a pop-up window when reading a page of a visited resource. ClickUnder means the automatic opening of the second page in the browser when a user clicks anywhere on the page.
Example of popup and clickunder advertising
This is inexpensive traffic. You can buy it on several exchanges, for example, PopUnder.
Traffic from mobile devices. Advertising is shown exclusively to users of mobile devices. You can buy traffic to a site through the PropellerAds exchange.
Example of ads on mobile devices
CPA (Cost per Action) network. The site owner adds advertising to the affiliate network, and with its help, traffic is attracted. The advertiser pays only those visitors who have completed the action (purchase, call, subscription). The advertising format can be of any type and depends on a specific network.

You can buy traffic in this way through the platforms: Alfaleads, Adcombo, Admitad.
Advertising on marketplaces. It's suitable for product advertisers who can place their ads on the largest platforms, for example, Amazon, eBay, Google Merchant.

Here you can adjust the reach of users according to various parameters: gender, age, location.
Example of ads on marketplaces
Retargeting. It allows returning customers who have left the site to recall the abandoned basket. The ads are customized according to user behavior on your site. It can be a simple text message or a graphic banner.

It's suitable for all companies selling products over the Internet.
Example of retargeting on social network

What you need to do before buying traffic to the site

To ensure that visitors don't just visit the site, but linger on it and perform targeted actions, you need to submit relevant content. Make it so that people can quickly find answers to their questions after going to any of the pages.

Poor interface, difficult navigation, long loading, and long text canvases will lead to a high bounce rate. Therefore, before buying traffic, it's important to analyze successful competitors, to make the site as useful and easy to read as possible.


The purchase of Internet traffic is necessary for all site owners who wish to announce their company, brand, or product to a wide audience.

To increase the number of visitors to the site, you can use different sources that differ in the cost of attracting traffic, the ability to choose the target audience, ways, and formats of placement.

It is advisable to test several traffic sources at once, and then opt for more effective ones.

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