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Serpstat updates 5 min read October 17, 2018

The SEO Party Started: 7 New Databases Are Already Live

The SEO Party Started: 7 New Databases Are Already Live
The SEO Party Started: 7 New Databases Are Already Live 16261788176486
Stacy Mine
Editor at Serpstat
I think you've already understood how hard-working and smart our developers are ;) Every day they implement a wide range of updates, new databases, reports, and other useful stuff. Today we announce that we have 7 new databases! Read the post and see them in action :)
We added the following databases:

  • Poland
  • Belgium
  • Sweden
  • Austria
  • Finland
  • Ireland
  • Singapore

Serpstat now has 31 regional databases for 28 countries, and we still have far to go :) You can see the full list of databases on the Statistics page.

Let's dive into details on each base.

Google Poland

3 180 933

9 505 372

Search suggestions
4 751 030

136 861

Ads examples

Google Belgium

2 619 655

16 779 295

Search suggestions
7 924 839

35 155

Ads examples

Google Sweden

1 882 238

5 930 093

Search suggestions
6 247 036

47 120

Ads examples

Google Austria

1 749 010

6 402 059

Search suggestions
6 525 396

156 008

Ads examples

Google Finland

1 542 268

5 126 543

Search suggestions
5 289 783

754 254

Ads examples

Google Ireland

1 125 608

9 346 367

Search suggestions
5 117 520

30 298

Ads examples

Google Singapore

1 117 541

12 825 221

Search suggestions
5 366 480

481 814

Ads examples

Why do you need this data?

The data described above will be useful to any SEO specialist or online entrepreneur working in Austria, Belgium, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Ireland or Singapore. You can use advanced search analytics data to:

  • analyze your site, competitors and site pages based on visibility and rankings in search results
  • compare your site with other domains so you can find and fill in all the spaces in the keywords
  • search for direct competitors and their most popular pages
  • make qualitative keyword research. With the help of keyword analysis, you'll collect all the queries that your competitors make in paid and organic search. Our tool also shows related keywords and search suggestions that can be used to extend the semantics of a website. Use this data to find out which methods your competitors use in SEO and SEA
  • create content. The Content Marketing module will give you even more ideas

If the desired database is not yet available, don't worry! You can use the following options:

Rank Tracker. Track the position and competitors of your site, calculate the market share and visibility of your site in a specific niche. All you need is to create a project and upload a list of keywords.

Site Audit. Check your site for the most common SEO errors and get recommendations for 52 types of threats that'll worsen your site's rating.

Tools. Our Keyword Clustering and Text Analysis tools work fine without specific region and database.

Checklists. This option allows you to manage your team's work and control the tasks performing. Therefore, you'll always know what the next step will be.

API. Optimize your analytics history with the help of API. The module returns all files from Serpstat without using the service interface. Here you can read all about API parameters.

So don't waste your time and try Serpstat! We have enough options that'll help your SEO :)
And what database or feature would you like to see? Suggest in the comments! :)

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