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Serpstat updates 4 min read January 25, 2019

Here We Go Again: The Latest Serpstat Updates

Here We Go Again: The Latest Serpstat Updates

Stacy Mine
Editor at Serpstat
Our usual post about updates that deserve special attention is here! In this post, I'll tell you about the latest Serpstat improvements that you might not have noticed :) Let's go!

What updates do we have?



We integrated with Google Spreadsheets! All the benefits of using Serpstat are collected there: easy handling, fast and extensive analysis, limits saving and so on. Read more in our guide Professional Keyword Research And Competitor Analysis Is Now Easier With Serpstat API!
We also updated the list of API methods and included databases_info — the method which returns information on available databases in Serpstat. Here you can see how the report on databases will look like:
You can find all the information on methods here:

      Browser extension

      We updated our extension to v. 1.6! Now we have 3 tabs — Page Analysis, On-page SEO parameters, and the new one — Domain Analysis. There you can see visibility, traffic, keywords, and other key factors.
          On-page SEO parameters tab now has new features — favicon, Robots.txt, Sitemap, etc.)
              You can install our extension here:

                  Multi-user mode

                  If you are an active user of the multi-user mode, this update is for you:
                      Now you (as an admin) can give members of your team permission to edit the project using the drop-down menu in settings. Users that don't use multi-user mode cannot share permissions.

                      Website Analysis and Keyword Research

                      In the analytics and search engine keyword research sections, we made the following updates:
                          URL vs URL report in Domain Analysis now has additional export info. Now you can go to your last reports and see what pages you analyzed, what you've exported, the unique and common keywords, the search engine, etc.
                          One more update — now Keyword Difficulty is available for Google France and Google Canada.

                          Site Audit

                          We updated the User Agents list in settings: now you have the most current Chrome и Firefox versions.


                          The blog also faced some changes:
                              Now you can see the most popular, read and discussed posts by using buttons instead of a dropdown list.
                              We added a page with all the posts we have ever published:
                              And the last one — now all the versions of our blog has an RSS feed!


                              Now our users can prolong their Custom subscription by themselves. If our user has ever paid for the Custom Plan, he or she will be able to prolong it on this tab:
                              Now our users don't need to contact Customer Success to prolong the subscription.


                                  The Statistics page saw some changes: we divided the country and search engine, added the column with API keys, and also you can sort each column:
                                      Also, we added a column that contains API keys: you don't need to search for them, just open the Statistics page and take the key:
                                          We have expanded the list of Serpstat databases:
                                              You can see more details on the Statistics page.
                                                  What do you think about these updates? We are waiting for your comments and suggestions :)

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