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SEO 5 min read March 28, 2021

Local SERP Features. How to Optimize Your Website for Keywords that Return Map in Results

Google SERPs
For some keywords special blocks in Google SERP occupy the biggest part of the page and organic results are shown at the very bottom of the page or are not shown at the first page at all. If your site occupies 7-10 place, the user might not even reach it.
I'm sure that you've seen such search results while searching for some goods or services. Google made special blocks quite useful for users, they can easily see the most appropriate places. Let's take a look at the example: for the search request 'comic book store' Google offers a map with the nearest stores and sorts them according to their rating. If I was looking for comic book store in Los Angeles, I'd probably click on one of these sites without scrolling down to organic results.
Local SERP Features. How to Optimize Your Website for Keywords that Return Map in Results 16261788061749
Keyword Analysis
First of all, you need to check whether keywords that you're ranking for fall into this category. You can use Serpstat to do so. Enter your keyword, go to SEO Research ➡Keyword Research. Open 'Filters' and set the filter to show results with 'Maps' and 'Local maps'.
Local SERP Features. How to Optimize Your Website for Keywords that Return Map in Results 16261788061750
Here is the list of keywords that return maps in SERP tracking:
Local SERP Features. How to Optimize Your Website for Keywords that Return Map in Results 16261788061750
How to use these keywords to your advantage
What to do if your site is ranking on such search requests? There is the only way out ㅡ turn this feature into your benefit. You need to add your business to Google My Business and provide all required info. Google My Business will publish the information in Google+, Google Search and Google Maps, so that customers could easily find you on any device.
Local SERP Features. How to Optimize Your Website for Keywords that Return Map in Results 16261788061751
This post on Google My Business describes the key factors that affect visibility of your business. Here they are:

  • Relevance: How relevant is your business category/listing to the search phrase used by the user?

  • Prominence: Traffic to your business listing. How established is the business online.

  • Distance: How close the business is located from where the search is being made.

  • Search history: The number of times it has been useful historically on the basis of relevance, prominence and distance.
How to increase Business visibility in Special Blocks
Here are some tips that'll help you to increase your business' visibility in special blocks:

  • Pay particular attention to 'Category' box, try to select the most appropriate category for your business, add 2 or even 3 categories if you feel the need to. For more info about Business Categories click here.

  • Improve your review summary. Why do you need it? The higher review score you have, the better position you occupy. Ask your clients to write a review, make some promo on social networks and offer a discount for review e.g. Potential clients like reading feedbacks before spending their money. Depending on the importance and price range of good or service, the time spent on reviews' analyzing varies. They'll prefer your good or service to your competitor' one in case you have excellent reviews.

  • Share your listing URL. It'll help your clients to find your listing easily and it'll increase clicks on your profile.

  • Be active, share your latest news, write about your updates, add photos. People prefer following the listing where updates are regularly posted.
Summing Up
Now you know how to check keyword search volume that returns map in results and how to turn this into your benefit. Add all required info to your Google Business account, especially if your company is a local one. Stick to the key tips while managing your company in Google Business:
  1. Pay particular attention to 'Category' box.
  2. Improve your review summary.
  3. Share your listing URL.
  4. Be active and share your latest news.
Such slight optimization will surely help you to get on the map and attract more clients.
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