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SEO 17 min read December 26, 2023

SEO Client Management: How to Communicate with Clients Effectively and Gain Their Trust

SEO Client Management: How to Communicate with Clients Effectively and Gain Their Trust
Sophie Brannon
Sophie Brannon
Director of SEO at RushOrderTees

The key success factors for an SEO specialist in the agency will be expertise, creativity, and the skill of managing relationships with customers. Communications play a vital role in business promotion. You are unlikely to get a profitable contract if you have technical knowledge and skills but cannot explain how they can benefit your customers. 

Client relationship talents help demonstrate expertise, willingness to manage risks, and ability to avoid typical pitfalls to the customer. This article will explain how to build SEO trust using data and reporting. 

What Client Management Means in SEO

Client management is the proper organization of communications with clients throughout the entire period of cooperation, from the first meeting to the completion of the last project — and any follow ups past this point. It usually involves using a certain system for the organization and quick search for data (CRM), distributing roles in the team (personal managers or representatives), and setting goals and milestones in working with specific customers. 

When communicating with SEO customers, it's important to understand the unique aspects of customer management. Establishing contact involves specific tasks. When you establish contact with a customer, you perform the following tasks:

1.Inform them about future success. It is crucial to demonstrate the results of cooperation: what key indicators will be achieved, the impact on financial results, and how the company's market position will be enhanced. Be realistic with this.  
2.Fill in the gaps in knowledge. Sometimes, SEO client management involves educating clients. Very often, potential customers do not know about SEO tools and techniques at all. You will gain interest in your services by providing them with the necessary information and become an asset to their team if you can provide them with knowledge and support. 
3.Call to action. SEO is not only technical work but also sales. You need to convince the client of the importance and necessity of SEO by creating a conscious need. This is how you can make a sale and get an order.
4.Demonstrate your advantages. The next step is to associate the client's need with your offer. You should show how you are different from your competitors and why the task should be entrusted to you. Unique advantages usually include expertise, prices, terms, and quality support. 
5.Emphasize the strategic nature of cooperation. The main goal of relationship management in business is to establish a long-term partnership beneficial to both parties. Show the client why you shouldn't limit yourself to one project and what they can get from long-term cooperation.

The Value of Personalized Communication

To make your communication as productive as possible, you should prove to the customer that you understand their goals, needs, and business methods. Therefore, in managing relationships with customers, it is important to consider not only what you say but also who you are talking to. 

Communication methods will depend on the position, responsibilities, and authority of the contact person:

SEO Testing to Support Strategies with Data

A great way to demonstrate the effectiveness of SEO for clients is to conduct a series of tests. It will help you test certain hypotheses and obtain the necessary data. You can test any change, from an alternative button color on a landing page to changing the amount of content or better optimization of a certain page.

Testing is one of the SEO standard operating procedures, although many SEOs fail to use this key asset. It allows you to get the data you need to predict the results of larger projects and get buy-in for future updates. It is often used to convince the most demanding clients concerned about the impact of any changes on their brand and the perception of their business by the target audience.

The following changes are most often tested in SEO management:

Content Rewrite Test

Content Rewrite Test

When explaining SEO testing to clients, you should also emphasize that it simplifies the work for other process participants, including developers and designers. By testing the changes on one page, you can solve the main problems, identify additional needs, and create templates for quick optimization of other site sections. You can control each testing stage using Serpstat's team management tool and quickly get data on its results. 

Another Serpstat advantage is a wide range of research tools:

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Using SEO tools for managing client projects, you can make arguments supported by data. It is unlikely that a customer will be able to refuse you if you demonstrate that your changes will increase organic traffic, improve click-through rates, and increase conversion rates. To make these arguments even more convincing, use visualizations like Google Data Studio

Split Test

In general, testing provides the following benefits for client management:

Managing Risk in SEO

Remember that your customers and partners don't like surprises when building business relationship strategies. Anything beyond the usual workflow, be it a sudden drop in website rankings or global structural changes, causes an adverse reaction. 

You can use the following methods to reduce risks in managing relationships with customers:

The highest risks arise when making changes. To correctly manage SEO client ranking and not lose positions in search results, you should introduce different levels of testing — during development, implementation, and when applied across the entire site. Each should have different result analysis methods, benchmarks, and reporting.

Source: Digital Information World

Source: Digital Information World

Positioning as an SEO Expert

Referring back to client management meaning, we recall that this process starts with the first contact. You must "sell" yourself at this stage by demonstrating your expertise. To strengthen your positioning as an SEO expert, use the following business relationship management tips:

To position yourself as an expert, you must be known, liked, and trusted by your target audience. You will be the one they think of when it is time to buy your products once you gain their trust.

Source: Marshallpr 

Positioning yourself as an expert

In managing relationships with customers, it's also very important to remember that most people don't pay attention to your job title or the events you've participated in. They will be interested in proof of your expertise. Such evidence can be represented by brand reputation (corporate or personal), testimonials, and real cases with similar tasks. 

Effective SEO Reporting

Reporting is one of the most important parts of a client management program. It can both strengthen and destroy the relationship between the client and the contractor. The client should know how to manage SEO and get the desired results, so you must provide them with detailed information. To make the reporting clear, stick to the following rules:

1.Determine the depth of data analysis based on the user's skill level. Reporting is also a component of communications, so it should be personalized. 
2.Optimize the informational content of reports. One of the best account management practices is providing as much data as the client needs to assess the current situation. Do not overload it with unnecessary figures and indicators, they will distract from the most important metrics. 
3.Ensure that the report's information meets your objectives and the client's strategic goals. Reporting should reflect progress in achieving them. As a result, you'll demonstrate why SEO is needed and what role it plays in the company's development. 
4.Add insights and recommendations. Dry texting, figures, and graphs will not be informative enough. When building a client service management system, indicate what to do with these graphs — what measures to take, what tools to connect, etc. 
5.Turn the report into a story. It should describe the customer's journey — where they were before SEO, where they are now, and where they are headed. 
SEO Report

Key Takeaways

One of the key conditions for high-quality client relationship management will be the personalization of all communications, from phone calls and presentations to reporting and business documents. You must understand who you are communicating to, what level of expertise your interlocutor has, and what authority they have in the company. 

Be sure to use SEO testing to test hypotheses and make data-driven decisions. By managing client relations this way, you can build trust and get strong arguments for your proposals. 

To build a reputation as an expert, don't just talk about your qualifications — demonstrate them. Show your actual achievements rather than titles and participation in various events. To manage SEO communications, you'll also need an effective reporting system. It will show your achievements and convince the client to provide all the necessary support for the project. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Client management means the organization of communications with a customer throughout the entire cooperation period. It usually involves selling products and services, working on projects, providing support, and extending the interaction if needed. 

You should keep in touch regularly, provide transparent and understandable reporting, and create close ties with the persons responsible for the departments involved in the project. Ultimately, you should also deliver results and achieve ROI - showing the value in the work that you do.

As you know, in customer management, you should explain topics and concepts unclear to the customer. Show that you know about the company's current needs and have the tools to meet them. Demonstrate your expertise and set realistic expectations for your work.  

The opinion of the guest post authors may not coincide with the opinion of the Serpstat editorial staff and specialists.

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