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5 New Databases Are Here For You

5 New Databases Are Here For You

Stacy Mine
Editor at Serpstat
Our developers are like vampires — they don't sleep, eat or need daylight. So they decided to work non-stop ;) As a result, we have 5 new databases!
We added the following databases:

  • Portugal
  • Czech Republic
  • Hungary
  • Norway
  • Switzerland

Serpstat now has 37 regional databases for 33 countries! You can see the full list of databases on the Statistics page.

Let's dive into details on each base.

Google Portugal

1 550 240

9 825 157

Search suggestions
5 747 317

34 003

Ads examples

Google Czech Republic

    1 460 986

    8 587 575

    Search suggestions
    5 353 643

    40 913

    Ads examples

    Google Hungary

    1 451 068

    3 797 946

    Search suggestions
    5 221 527

    46 629

    Ads examples

    Google Norway

    1 375 568

    8 254 237

    Search suggestions
    5 339 891

    24 750

    Ads examples

    Google Switzerland

    1 236 746

    6 340 796

    Search suggestions
    5 930 809

    21 553

    Ads examples
    Any SEO specialist or online entrepreneur working in Portugal, Czech Republic, Hungary, Norway or Switzerland can use these databases. You can use advanced search analytics data to:

    • analyze a website, competitors and site pages according to visibility and rankings in search results
    • compare your website with other domains: you'll be able to find and fill in all missing keywords
    • search for direct competitors and their top pages
    • make qualitative keyword research: with the help of keyword analysis, you can gather all the queries that your competitors make in paid and organic search. Our tool also shows related keywords and search suggestions that can be used to extend the semantics of a website. Use this data to find out what methods your competitors use in SEO and SEA
    • create content with the help of the Content Marketing module

    If the database you need is not available yet, don't worry! You can use the following modules:

    Rank Tracker. Track the position and competitors of your site, calculate the market share and visibility of your site in a specific niche. All you need is to create a project and upload a list of keywords.

    Site Audit. Check your site for the most common SEO errors and get recommendations for 52 types of threats that'll worsen your site's rating.

    Tools. Our Keyword Clustering and Text Analysis tools work fine without specific region and database.

    Checklists. This option allows you to manage your team's work and control the tasks performing. Therefore, you'll always know what the next step will be.

    API. Optimize your analytics history with the help of API. The module returns all files from Serpstat without using the service interface. Here you can read all about API parameters.

    So don't waste your time and try Serpstat to help your SEO! :)
    And what database or feature would you like to see? Suggest in the comments!

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