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The Russian Federation is currently undertaking an act of aggression and invasion in Ukraine. Right now the war is primarily targeting the Ukrainian government but the civilians meet its damaging effects. Military targets are being attacked by aggressive troops as well as civilian areas.

Russia's propaganda is well distorted to hide real facts. The Serpstat team calls to stop this madness, war, and the Russian government that has gone out of control. Serpstat is not a company that supports acts of war, violence, or violation of human rights and freedoms.

Now it's our time to be noticed by the world

Serpstat is proudly made in Ukraine

Serpstat was founded in Odesa, Ukraine, and has proudly served its clients around the globe since 2016.

Even now Serpstat team is all working as they should, properly and stable. We keep providing clients with our support and release new features according to the roadmap

Сertain things you can do to help

We are stronglly asking the international community to support Serpstat as a Ukrainian SEO platform. All profits will be donated to fight with the occupants and to protect the members of our team and their families.

What can you do now:

Join us, renew, or prolong your subscription. Please, purchase it for 1 year and more, using a 20% discount. You may count on the postponed subscription start as well. So once the need for our solution arises, you will have it ready to go.

Best for SEO-individuals, freelancers and SMB with limited budget. Get access to more than 20 tools for running SEO, SEM, PPC projects and analyzing the best online tactics of rivals to improve SEO efforts of your projects.
Ideal for established in-house teams and marketing agencies. All Lite features plus:
- 3 users
- Branded reports
- Extended interface and API credits
Best value for big marketing agencies and large in-house teams with extensive need of data. All Standard features plus:
- 5 users
- Extended interface and API credits
Perfect for industry leaders. All Advanced features plus:
- 7 users
- White label
- Extended interface and API credits
Make a donation. We legendary appreciate any of your assistance. Just click the money transfer and choose the amount of funds.
Discuss it with your colleagues. Please, share the link to others, either in email messages or social channels, forums and chats.

Сontact us. Press on "Book a demo" and our responsible team will take care of the rest and will be happy to guide you through.
Above all right now, we stand united with our Ukrainian friends and colleagues as they heroically withstand this cynical and absolutely unjustified aggression from Russia. We take every possible measure to ensure safety of our team and supply them with everything necessary to live through this.

Dear friends and customers, we've never asked for a helping hand. But now we are fighting for Ukrainian business and our product, so at the moment, we require your support as never before. Thank you for helping if possible. We will never forget those who stayed with us and Ukraine these times.

Please stand with Serpstat. Stand with Ukraine
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