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What is Serpstat Academy?

Serpstat Academy is a free learning center, which provides information about Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis and SEO of various levels, from basic to advanced

Course 1. Basic Information About Keywords

This is the first, basic course of Serpstat Academy. If you know nothing about keywords or need to refresh your knowledge – this is the place for you!

Course 2. Serpstat’s Main Features And Uses

In this course we’ll show you everything Serpstat has to offer and how to use it. You’ll become a Serpstat power-user and learn all of the benefits.

Course 3. Where and how to find long-tail keywords

In this course we will show you three ways to find long-tail keywords from three different sources: autocomplete suggestions, LSI keywords and filters

Have no idea what is keyword research? Serpstat Academy has answers.

Want to know how to find long-tail keywords or what LSI stands for?

Visit Serpstat Academy to find out!

Don’t know how to set a profitable SEO-campaign?

Serpstat Academy can help you

Can not figure out how to find and analyze competitors in search?

Serpstat Academy gives all insights you need

By finishing courses in our academy you will not only find the answer to your questions,but you will also learn new ways of improving your SEM and SEO skills.

Register now, and start learning for free

Become a real professional when it comes to keyword research,competitor analysis and SEO in general.

Personal demonstration

Our customer support specialist will give you an on-line presentation at any time that fits you. From the presentation you can learn about the benefits and unique features of Serpstat.

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