Domain's competitors

This report is a starting point for a meticulous study of the keywords of competitors for a specific page and for embedding it on the site. 
The site's competitors are listed here based on keyword similarity.
The list of competitors can be changed using the corresponding button (1):


Next, add your direct competitors in the appropriate tab (2). Click the tab next to it and enter the domains you want to exclude from the report (3):

Settings of Competitors

To save the list just enter a name for the template and save it (4). Click the "Apply" button (5) to display the report with the specified competitors.

Related keywords  — the number of common keywords for the searched domain and the competing domain.
Missing keywords  — the number of keywords by which the competing domain is promoted and which we do not have.
Relevance  — based on the % ratio of all domain keywords to common keywords with our domain.
Total keywords  — the total number of keywords available on the site.
Visibility  — visibility for each domain with the dynamics of its change.

Report set up
Here are some more tips on how you can set up the report for your needs:
1. Columns can be sorted and rearranged by location and by sizes;
2. There is a button in the upper right corner that will allow you to copy the necessary information by selecting the keywords, checkboxes will help you with this;

Competitors 16261788631991

3. The settings will allow you to remove or add the necessary columns, the filter on the right to receive specific information and, of course, to export in various formats;

Competitors 16261788631991

4. The blue mark provides quick access to other reports;

Competitors 16261788631991

5. A pointer to the left of the domain / URL will take you to the site itself.

Competitors 16261788631991

Most indicators in the columns are clickable, to see a detailed report  — click on the indicator.
* In the default report, the filter "Keywords with incorrect content  — does not contain" is applied, if you want to view all the results, the filter must be canceled.

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