Serpstat Website SEO Checker browser extension

Website SEO Checker Plugin by Serpstat is an extension from Serpstat that allows you to analyze websites in a few clicks. Using the plugin, you can solve a number of routine SEO tasks, for example:

  • Page optimization analysis;
  • Evaluation of meta tags, age, and site markup;
  • Finding errors, checking microdata and site loading speed;
  • Track traffic, visibility, changes for keywords, and backlinks.

You can read about all the features and updates of the plugin in the article.

SEO site analysis in the browser
The SEO parameters section of the Website SEO Checker plugin will show the data on the site's important SEO parameters in just a few clicks.

  • Simply browse to the site you want to analyze and click on the plugin icon;
  • Go to the SEO Parameters section to get a visual overview of the competitor's most essential parameters.

Evaluate the quality of microdata and competitor content, the level of optimization based on the domain authority score, the number and size of media images, site technical errors, the quality of meta tags, the volume of external links, and the site loading speed.

A quick analysis of any site's page 
Use the Page Analysis report to get data on key metrics for keywords, competitor pages in SERPs, and missed queries for which competitors rank in search engine results.

  • Go to the page you want to analyze and activate the plugin;
  • Switch to the Page Analysis section to get a quick reference for the page's URL and keywords;
  • If necessary, switch to expanded reports to get complete information in the Serpstat interface.

Domain information in a few clicks
Use the Serpstat Website SEO Checker plugin to get data about the domain of interest as quickly as possible. Switch to the Domain Analysis section to evaluate:

  • Traffic, visibility, keywords, number of new, lost, up, and down keywords;
  • Domain indexing in search engines Google, Bing, Baidu, Alexa;
  • Domain visibility graph for the year, as well as data on backlinks and external links.

How to Install Serpstat Website SEO Checker
The plugin is available for four browsers, select your browser and proceed to download the extension:
Google Chrome, FireFox, Edge, Opera.
Then, go to your Serpstat personal account, generate and copy the API token and enter it into the corresponding field of the plugin. Use the plugin for complex site analysis in a few clicks.

If you still have any questions, you can contact the tech support chat.

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