SEO SERP history

This report allows you to see information of the SERP (top-100 Google) for the keyword of the report in the selected region for a specific update date; analyze position changes of the analyzed domain and competitors for the needed period (within the dates for which there were updates).
At the same time in the report you can see all the domain's positions if it has been displayed several times in the search results, and not only the highest position, as in other reports.

There are two ways to go to the report:

- via the side menu:

- or from the "Project Overview" report by clicking on the "SERP history" icon for a specific keyword (only for the organic regions), and the report will be opened in a new tab:

To view the data for a specific keyword, click on the line with the keyword (1), after which the search bar (2) will be appeared, and a list of project keywords will also be appeared in the dropdown menu that are sorted in descending order by search volume (3) - the first 100 keywords with the highest search volume are displayed, then, scrolling through the list, the next 100 keywords will be loaded and so on:

The Domains / URLs in SERP switch allows you to see a table with detailed information up to the domain or to the URL:

- Domains:

- URLs in SERP:

When you point at the domain/URL, there is a hint that it is the main domain of this project (My domain) or Tracked domain. When you click on a domain or URL in the SERP history, it is highlighted at all positions for all days in the selected period: green project domain; blue tracked competitor or mirror of the domain.
Next to the position you see the dynamics in comparison with the previous update: green arrow position growth; red arrow fall.

Also you can see the Cached SERP, i.e. cached snapshot of search results at the time of updating positions for the selected keyword, which is available only within the last 7 days:

In the upper right corner there is available the following information and a panel with buttons:

1. The number of credits left for the "Rank tracker" module.

2. Actual SERP go to the search engine page with SERP for the analyzed keyword with the selected region of the project (only for Google).
Project settings go to the project settings on the General tab.
Project notes  notes can be left for any date.
Export report reports can be exported in the format:
- csv
- xls
- xlsx

3. Send feedback opens the support chat for sending suggestions for improving or reporting an issue.
The detailed guide about report using— the button will direct you to the tutorial for the report.

Still have questions? Find answers in our FAQ or contact the tech support chat.
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