Serpstat Looker Studio Connector

Google Looker Studio is an excellent tool for capturing reports, collecting and displaying data in real-time. Looker Studio reports are used for quick and easy visualization of information panels. The report can include charts, links, clickable images, depending on your needs.

What are the advantages of this platform?

  1. First, it is free for all Google users. 
  2. You do not have to spend too much time or use special knowledge and tools to create a report.
  3. The information panel can be adapted to your needs.
  4. The data is automatically linked from the integrated sources and displayed in a real-time preview.
  5. Information panels transmit within a request, which is even easier for your work.

Would you like to display Serpstat data in Google Looker Studio?
Everything you need to arrange a report is a Google account. However, if you want to analyze Serpstat data, you need to use the Serpstat connector for Looker Studio. This tool allows you to get access to the service.
Important! You can use the connector only if you have an approved Serpstat account and API credits.
Which Serpstat reports are you able to visualize with Looker Studio?
At the moment, there are two options available for displaying in Looker Studio: "Domain history" and "Competitors." We will indeed consider our customers' needs to provide more Looker Studio reports in the future.
The report "Domain History," provides the following data:

  1. Organic traffic — approximate site traffic per month. It's the indicative number, which corresponds with the actual traffic of a domain. 
  2. Visibility index —  this calculates based on keywords for which a domain appears in search results.
  3. Organic keywords —a  list of domain keywords in organic search.
  4. Keywords in PPC — a list of domain keywords in paid search results.

In the "Competitors" report, you will find a list of a domain's competitors.

How do you visualize Serpstat's data within the Looker Studio?

1. Connect your Serpstat account to Looker Studio. Go to the "Data Source" and type "Serpstat" in the searching area to select the connector. To integrate data from Serpstat, you should enter your API token. Get it in your profile. Enter your API key and click on the "Submit" button.

Submit token Data Studio

As soon as the token goes through the verification, the Serpstat data will integrate into Looker Studio. To collect data, you have to:
- enter a domain for analysis in the form in the format "";
- choose a method that you want to pick up information for your report. Two methods are available: "Domain history" and "Competitors";
- set a search engine and regional database;
- press on the "Connect" button in the upper right corner.

Domain Data Studio connector

Likewise, in the upper left corner, on the same page, you can rename your report.
2. Create a new report
While your data source will be successfully connected, you will see two options: "Create report" and "Explore."

You will find a template for your information panel clicking on the "Create report" button. It is an example of your future information board, available in two methods: "History" and "Competitors".

create Data Studio report

If your chosen method is "History", then the first three tabs are displayed:
1. Organic traffic and visibility.
2. Organic keywords.
3. Paid keywords.

result Data Studio

In case the method "Competitors" was used, there is a suitable tab:
4. Competitors.


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