Keyword research overview

The most basic information and reports are collected here in preview mode for quick keyword analysis, as in all summary reports.

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Frequency (average per month over the last year) — how often users typed this key into a search.
Competition will show how difficult it will be to promote a given keyword in PPC (max. 100%).
CPC — cost per click in USD.
Difficulty is an assessment of the competition level for a keyword for promotion to the top 10 (at the moment the indicator is under development).
Keywords for SEO — keyword variations for which domains are promoted in organic search results.
Keywords for PPC — keyword variations in which domains are promoted by in context.

If the report doesn't display SEO keywords, request more data. We'll add more data within a week if we find more keywords.

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Competitors graph — displays the keyword competition in a niche.
The closer a domain is to the upper right corner, the more relevant it is to the search query, and the more often it is shown in the top 20 search results for a keyword.
The vertical axis is the ratio of the keyword number in the semantic core of sites, which contains the required query to the number of queries from the database that are relevant to this query.
The horizontal axis is the ratio of the number of website keywords that contain a given query to the volume of all site semantics.
Competitors in PPC  — a list of competitors in contextual advertising based on related keywords.
Common — keywords that contain the key being analyzed.
Keywords — the total number of domain keywords.
Ads — sample ads that launch domains for the key you are looking for.

If you have any questions about the report, there are 2 buttons in the upper right corner:

1. Send feedback — opens the support chat for sending suggestions for improving or reporting an issue.
2. Tutorial — the button will direct you to the tutorial for the report.

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