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The summary report page displays all the main website or URL metrics in preview mode.

Visibility is an indicator that determines the number of shows for the selected keywords based on the site's position in the search results.
There is no universal ideal number for the "Visibility" indicator. It will be different for each topic and depending on the size of the site.
Working with visibility, you need to compare your performance in a certain period with the performance for the previous and subsequent periods, alongside the performance of other sites in the same topic.
Estimated search traffic is organic traffic the site receives monthly from the search engine. Calculated based on click-through rate (CTR) and correlates with real traffic.
*Visibility / traffic / dashboard update once every 2-3 weeks. Also, these parameters are available for domain analysis only.
SEO keywords  — the number of keywords by which a domain is ranked in the top 100 Google/top 50 Bing organic search results.
Keywords for PPC  — the number of keywords the domain uses to place ads.

If the report doesn't display SEO keywords, request more data. We'll add more data within a week if we find more keywords.

Position distribution and subdomain
Distribution of keywords by position shows the number of keywords ranking in top 1, top 3, top 5, etc.
Subdomains  — a list of subdomains of the analyzed domain (if any).

Google updates on Visibility, Traffic and Keyword trends.
Visibility trend helps you track and analyze trends for the last year and the entire period from the first day Serpstat found a domain in search results.
Traffic trend shows the change in organic traffic for the last year and from the first day of analysis.
Keywords trend shows the change in the number of keywords in a domain.
Vertical green lines show Google updates. If trends significantly drop or spike, check if Google has updated any algorithm that could affect your rankings.

Top pages are the pages that get the most traffic from the search engine.
Competitors in search results are sites that occupy positions in the top 20 for the same keywords as the searched domain.
Competitors graph displays the direct competitors of the searched domain. The analyzed domain will be in the upper right corner. The most relevant competitor will be the one with the best positions on the Completeness and Precision axes. The Precision axis tells us how closely the competitor's semantics match ours. Axis "Completeness"  — how much the competitor's semantics overlap our semantics.

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Competitors in PPC  — a list of competitors in contextual advertising based on common keywords.
Ads  — examples of ads for the desired domain.

The Missing keywords are keywords for which competitors' pages are ranked in the top 10, but the page of the analyzed site is not ranked even in the top 100 Google. This report is available in the URL analysis report only.

The Rank tracker and Site audit sections will be available if you have previously launched a project using them.

If you have any questions about the report, there are 2 buttons in the upper right corner:

1. Send feedback — opens the support chat for sending suggestions for improving or reporting an issue.
2. Tutorial — the button will direct you to the tutorial for the report.

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