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Summing Up Our January Results:
Some Hot Serpstat Updates To Warm Your Winter

Summing Up Our January Results: Some Hot Serpstat Updates To Warm Your Winter

Magic helper at Serpstat
Here we usually write something about our super-useful monthly updates and how hard we were working to release all of them. But our editor is dead tired, that's why there's no impressive intro here.

Re-clustering without spending extra limits

Now you can change the clustering settings within your existing project instead of creating a new one. Let's say you have a project with Strong linkage strength and Hard clustering type. But now you want to see how the keywords will be grouped if change setting to Weak linkage strength and Soft clustering type. Go to the project's settings and change clustering type.

And the great thing about it is we don't withdraw your limits for reclustering. That's why you can restart your clustering project as many times as you want without spending your limits.

Note that the available text analytics data will be removed as these clusters will be deleted and new created. Though we'll export the TA data to the Latest Reports section in the XLSX format before erasing it.

Medium linkage strength type in now available

Our clustering settings become even more flexible, now according to your needs, you can choose from three linkage strength types: Strong, Medium, and Weak. Medium, as you might have already guessed, is something between Weak and Strong. BTW, Medium is the default setting. If you carefully read the previous part, you know that you can change this parameter in the future if necessary.

Less clicks while working within one project

If you are working project by project, running a complete analysis of one project, and then switching to another one, this update aims to save your time. Let's say you are working with search analytics tool and then you want to check new backlinks or how positions have changed since yesterday. Just go to the desired tool and the project will be selected automatically. The only thing to mention here is that the project for this domain has to be already created. You won't see any pop ups asking to choose the project you want to work with, as every second saved on routine action matters.

Serpstat is named one of the best software companies according to
G2 Crowd

Serpstat is rated among the top 100 software companies, according to G2 Crowd, well-known business solutions review platform! The list recognizes the top 100 software companies based on real customer reviews in 2017, and we are so excited to be featured! Moreover, we took the third place in Best Software mid-market Companies category.

We'd like to thank our users and everyone who supported us for making it happen. We are very proud to be named the top-rated Ukrainian software.

New recommended description length

At the end of 2017 Google increased the number of characters in snippets. We ran a research to reveal what the new snippet length was. We promised to increase the number of recommended characters in our Audit module from 100-140 characters to 300 characters and we finally did it. Check your site to see whether all your pages meet the updated description length.

What We Found Out Researching 1M Snippets

Automated emails with your project's updates

Now you can get your project's updates without even visiting Serpstat. You'll get all required data via email according to the settings you set. Go to the List of projects and click on the mail icon. Then you'll see a pop up, where you need to choose the audit schedule, how often you want to get the reports. You can set automated emails for Backlink Analysis as well.

Run out of limits pop up

If you've run out of daily limits, we'll remind you by showing special pop ups. Here's the list of modules with the places where pop ups are shown:

Keyword Research and Website Analysis – trying to search for extra keyword or domain

Keyword Clustering and Text Analytics – when clicking on "Create a project" button

Site Audit – by clicking on "Start Audit"

Backlink analysis – when switching to this module

List of projects – trying to start Audit of Rank Tracker from this dashboard

Rank Tracker – when clicking on "Add keywords."

Export keywords only without any extra data

We added new export type to our Website Analysis and Keyword Research modules. Now if you just need the list of keywords, you can export it in several clicks in any format you like.
If you want us to add some new features or databases, don't hesitate to share your wishes in comments ;)

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