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Summer 2020: REACTive Serpstat And A Bunch Of Updates That You've Been Waiting For

Serpstat updates

Mariia Vasylieva
Customer Support Specialist at Serpstat
It's September already, so it's time to take stock of the service's summer updates. This article will tell you about all the new features in reports and updates in modules. Let's start;)

Website Analysis
It is impossible not to pay attention to the number of large-scale changes in the reports of the Website analysis module. Here are the updates that our team made over the summer:
The module was completely converted to React in 4 months.

Why was this decision made? There are several reasons:
React is an improved design and service experience.
As a result, the speed of the reports is increased. But we can assure you that speed optimization work continues and will continue :)
These are new features in the service: sending keys to the Rank Tracker tool, searching through report pages, copying keywords and tables to the clipboard, copying strings and their values to the clipboard.
Plus, the React will allow us to add a lot of new features in the future.
We added a toggle menu between the modules in the Domain analysis reports.
Now you can search for the required keyword in tables using CTRL + F.
Searching for the keyword in Positions report
We made it possible to copy data to the clipboard and add it to Google Sheets or Excel.
Copy table to clipboard in the Positions report

Rank Tracker
At the request of our customers, we made it possible to turn off the display of snippets from the "Keywords → History" report.
Now you can copy keywords from the project to the clipboard.
Copy to clipboard in Rank tracker tool
When importing keywords into a project, they will be saved in the selected sequence. If you import keywords from a file, then the order will also not change when added to the service.
In the project settings we added a search by territorial units and ZIP codes. This feature allows you to get even more accurate results for local positions.
Search regions by zip codes
We added tooltips to the project settings in the General and Keywords tabs.
We added new filters to the URLs report. Now you can sort by:
    Expected URL
    URL in SERP
    Best position
    Average position
    Worst position
    Filters in URL's report
    New filters have also been added to the Keywords report:
      Best position
      Date added
      Filters in Keywords report
      Read the instructions and interesting tips for working with the Rank Tracker tool in our articles.↓

      Backlink analysis
      Our team made it possible to hide the chart if you need to work with the report directly.
      Collapse chart in Backlinks tool
      Now you can customize each report in the module by removing irrelevant columns or changing their sequence.
      In the Backlinks report we added UGC and Sponsored attributes.
      The UGC attribute should mark up links found in content generated by website users/visitors.
      Sponsored — the attribute is designed to mark up links related to advertising materials or paid publications.
      UGC и Sponsored attriutes in Backlinks tool
      We updated the drop-down list with the selection of projects in the Backlink Analysis tool.
      Reach another project from the Backlink analysis module

      Site Audit
      It is possible to export reports with more than 5 million lines via Google Docs.
      Export via Google Docs in the Site Audit tool
      Our team added a button to save project settings. Previously, you had to run a scan to save the settings, but this is not necessary now.
      Save settings in the Site audit project
      Previously, it was impossible to check pages with JavaScript for errors with our Site Audit, since the tool did not recognize the content on them. But now you can scan such pages in the Page Audit report.

      It is also a plus that no additional settings are needed. Just create a project for a page and get results :)
      Page audit in Serpstat
      We prioritized errors in the Page Audit report.
      Prioritized errors in the audit report
      Site Audit is available in the Serpstat API. The data can be obtained in JSON format.

      This will help you get a large amount of data in a short time and the ability to work with the data directly. Now you don't have to go into the Serpstat interface to view the report, but simply "pull" the API method and see the result.

      You can find link to the article with the details at this point. ↓

      Database storm report
      In the Tools section, there is a new report — Database storm.

      The report contains 2 graphs:
      Storm dynamics Google
      Storm dynamics Yandex
      The report contains data for the last 30 days, the update occurs once a day. The higher the storm rate, the more the search engine results have changed.

      Payment process
      Plans & pricing page also moved to React, which led to irreversible improvements:
      new page design without overloading with unnecessary texts / buttons;
      purchase steps have been reduced from 3 to 2;
      3 payment systems are available: WebMoney, Stripe, PayPal
      Serpstat payment process

      Custom reports
      We added the ability to create a custom report for users who have an account on plan D, Advanced, or Enterprise. The advantage is that it allows you to create a single report from different modules and export it.
      Custom reports Serpstat
      The entire report is divided into the modules, you can delete and move each of them. You will see a notification if you have not yet performed a Site Audit, or there is no project for this site in the Rank Tracker tool. So you can immediately generate a report for all modules.

      What we fixed
      Site Audit
      We fixed the problem with exporting reports in xlsx format, the tool no longer requests access to google account.
      Rank Tracker
      We fixed the keyword volume tracking issue.
      Website Analysis
      There are no more problems when filtering the report by keywords that have been added to the filter field separated by commas.
      Payment process
      Now, you can easily pay a one-time bill for any period.
      Backlink Analysis
      The module reports contain data not only for domains, but also for subdomains.
      The notification "This project was created with an error" is no longer displayed on the dashboard.
      If you have questions about any about our 5 modules, feel free to ask them in the comments under this article or contact our Customer Success team.

      Join us on Facebook and Twitter to follow our service updates and new blog posts :)

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