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Serpstat's November: Website SEO Checker, Rank Tracker And Other Improvements

Stacy Mine
Stacy Mine
Editor at Serpstat
You already know that we have recently released several major updates to our browser extension - Serpstat Website SEO Checker. However, we still have news that we want to share. Meet Serpstat November updates ;)

Serpstat Website SEO Checker

We added the option of autostart analysis on the SEO parameters tab: a switch appeared in the settings, disabled by default. Autostart runs all analyzes of the SEO Parameters tab when opening the extension window.
Added color tags for robots meta tag condition: noarchive, noindex, nofollow.
A new section appeared on the tab SEO parameters - Site structure, where OpenGraph and Schema.org layout data is available. Using the Open Graph protocol, you can control the presentation of content on social media, thereby improving its interaction with users. For example, we can determine the name, description, and photo that will be displayed on the page on the social network and determine the type of content.
We added CSS check by the W3C validator and fixed HTML validation errors.
Added a new item: Related websites on the On-page SEO parameters tab.

Learn everything about the plugin in the article below:
Updated Serpstat Website SEO Checker: Analysis Of Any Site In A Few Clicks

Rank Tracker

We introduced quick filter changes in Keywords.
We have implemented the Expected URLs and URLs in SERP in the report. Now users will see what URLs are expected to be ranked, and what are the actual links. Expected URLs are the one that was attached when adding keywords, and the URL in SERP is the link with the highest position, which we found in the search results for this keyword.
We added a search bar for a keyword that has not yet been checked. Now you can find all the keywords even if there is no data on them. This is implemented in keyword settings, as well as in the Keyword report.
The time zone in the User Profile and Rank Tracker is now synchronized.
Rank Tracker charts now have a watermark.
Pinned domains now remain at the top after reloading the Competitors report.
Flexible Rank Tracking schedule:

By clicking on the schedule, the date picker opens, in which you can select daily, weekly or monthly option.

If the user opened the date picker but did not select the schedule option, the Apply button will be inactive.

By clicking on any place on the screen or the Cancel button, the previous schedule will be saved.

Below the dropdown of the schedule selection, there is a table in which the 10 closest dates of project checks are displayed.
Launching Rank Tracker 2.0: New Opportunities And Features

What we fixed

Rank Tracker
  • Incorrect top distribution data for RT projects on dashboards.
  • Incorrect language when adding Google region.
  • All projects with volume problems.
  • Error with keywords volume.
  • A keyword takes the number of lines equal to the number of regions after sorting.
  • 400 error when exporting project reports that have special characters in the name.
  • Sorting problems in the Positions column.
      Site Audit
      • Changes made to the table in the Custom Report are not saved after refreshing the page.
      • Page count not displayed.
      • Progress is not shown in the interface.
      • The site doesn't have a redirect from the version with www to version without www.
      Search Analytics
      • Potential traffic metrics differ when analyzing domain and URL.
      Serpstat Website SEO Checker
      • Inavailable Alexa, Baidu, Bing, Google index data.
      • Inavailable Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager data.
      • Error "Invalid or missing parameters, indicators or filters" in the report template.
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