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Serpstat december updates: what you wanted to see but were afraid to ask

Serpstat december updates: what you wanted to see but were afraid to ask
Stacy Mine
Stacy Mine
Editor at Serpstat
Christmas is coming, and Serpstat has a festive mood! Therefore, in addition to our Christmas deal with gifts, we have prepared a pack of fresh updates. Catch a summary of them!

rank tracker

Important message! On 12/23/2019 we will finally switch to Rank Tracker 2.0! This means that the old version will no longer be available. Do you have any questions? Our support team will be happy to help you in the chat.
We moved the position dynamics graph to a common popup with Storm. We also fixed the styles for the convenience of users.
We also created an additional block where users can see how snippets looked like when positions check was carried out. Additionally, days are highlighted when the snippet changed its appearance.
Moreover, in the same place we added the Keyword Storm graph for organics.
Our developers added a graph of the history of keyword distribution by ranges. A graph has appeared in the report Keywords on the Positions and History tab that shows the ranges of distribution of positions by keywords.

If several regions are selected, the data is summed up! There is a type of distribution both for 1 day and for the whole period.
Now we have SERP History in Rank Tracker 2.0.

This is the feature of the Rank Tracker 1.0 with access to the cache of search results and the ability to watch the actual Google results only for the organic region. When we click on the icon near each region, we get to the report of all positions in SERPs that we checked. Here you can select a period and change the region.
Launching Rank Tracker 2.0: New Opportunities And Features
Saving the Show Full URL switch option. The user can save the settings: show the full or shortened URL.
Now we have an opportunity to separate the situation when we didn't manage to perform the check because of our fault, and when we had the check but there was no context in the search results. In the first case, N/A will be displayed, and in the second - X.
Going on: we fixed the problem when the user added keywords and regions, but the projects were not checked immediately.
We also replaced the standard loader with a skeleton loader in the Rank Tracker reports. This feature allows you to understand that the loading process is going on.
Now the white label settings are taken into account in the watermarks on the graphs.
SEO Reports For Freelancers And Agencies: White Label And Brand Reports By Serpstat

Search analytics

We removed unnecessary, irrelevant response parameters in public API methods.
We made a new method for checking frequency through the API, which makes it possible to track progress - TaskProcedure.getTaskStatus.
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