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2012 16
News 7 min read

Serpstat Autumn News: Big Database Update And Website SEO-Checker Improvements

Serpstat Autumn News: Big Database Update And Website SEO-Checker Improvements

Stacy Mine
Editor at Serpstat
We didn't write about our updates for a long time, but this means that autumn has already become very productive for Serpstat. We expanded our databases, updated the Serpstat SEO Checker, added useful little things, and fixed a lot of bugs. In a nutshell, here is a pack of autumn updates!

Search analytics

We are continually increasing and updating our databases. I want to show you our recent improvements.
We covered the API frequency check in Search Analytics. Now you can get the latest and most accurate frequency data using the new API method. It will work similarly to SERP Crawling.
We continue moving the tool to the new version of Elasticsearch, which will allow us to expand the possibilities of working with search analytics.
We added the Keyword Difficulty indicator and filter to all reports. Now you can find keyword difficulty indicator in the positions and keywords reports in PPC (Keyword AnalysisPPC AnalysisKeywords).

Why is this convenient? Previously, you could find this indicator only in the keywords report. It was necessary to download data from two reports and combine them to analyze the semantics by domain. Now all the necessary indicators are in one place. Also, as part of this task, we removed the endless loading for keys for which complexity was not calculated.
Now you can select misspelled keywords in Keyword Selection report.
Keyword Research Without Agencies: Manual For Beginners And Online Shop Owners

Plugin and integration

We've released a great Serpstat Website SEO Checker update!

This version presents two awesome features:

Added a new section Backlinks to the Domain Analysis tab. There you'll find general information about the domain (13 informative metrics), a table of top pages and the dynamics in the number of the referring domains per year.
We added the ability to select a region for Domain Analysis and Page Analysis! Now, when analyzing a domain or page, you can choose a region directly in the extension or set a default region in settings.
Updated Serpstat Website SEO Checker: Analysis Of Any Site In A Few Clicks

Rank tracker

We added a new feature for working with tags inside Rank Tracker. Now you can delete the created tags in settings. Also, you can see the number of keywords for each tag and words without it.
Now the Competitors report has highlighted domains: your domain will be highlighted in green and competitors domains - in blue. Also, you can pin (and unpin) competitors' domains.
We introduced automatic language change when adding a region in settings.
Launching Rank Tracker 2.0: New Opportunities And Features


We changed our blog subscription form! You stay up to date with all the latest news of the tool.
Not a member yet? Then here is a list of 10 reasons why a quarter of a million online marketers have already signed up to read us;)
10 Things You'll Love About Our Newsletter Or Why You Should Subscribe

What we fixed

Rank Tracker
  • keywords in user projects indicate zero frequency;
  • project data is not displayed if there was no check due to lack of limits;
  • when choosing 2 regions, data for the day in which there was no SEO check is not displayed;
  • not all keywords are added after loading new queries in settings.
    Site Audit
    • reports in xlsx and csv format are not downloaded in the Overview and Custom report;
    • when viewing Title and Description duplicates errors, empty lines are displayed;
    • the report on the second page doesn't load with pagination 500;
    • scheduled audits checked one page and finished.
    Search Analytics
    • keyword filter doesn't work;
    • during export, the sorting parameters specified in the interface were not transferred to the report;
    • position reports were not downloaded;
    • recent reports displayed "no data";
    • limits were spent incorrectly while downloading several reports at the same time.
    Serpstat Website SEO Checker
    • limits for unformed reports were removed when analyzing a large amount of data;
    • after deleting the keyword, it is still displayed in the interface.

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