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Creating A Killer Product Page For eCommerce Website: 7 Tips To Boost Conversions And Improve Rankings

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Igor Gorbenko
Digital Marketing Expert
Product page is where your visitors make a decision to become your buyers and designing a page should be approached carefully. This article will give you some tips as to what you should pay attention to when designing a Product Page.

URLs should be readable and informative

Your URLs must contain full product name, not the index or serial number that you assigned to it:



Here's how complete URL should look like (complete as in containing all categories and subcategories where the product is listed):


Don't create duplicate pages if your product is listed in more than one category:




To avoid this, Product Page URL should contain only constant parts that are common for all URLs:


or www.website.com/catalog/phones/LG-E960-Google-Nexus-4.html

Improving text relevancy

Here's a list of things you should have on hand to work on the relevancy of your on-page text:

  1. Keywords;

  2. Synonyms;

  3. Topical fields;

  4. List of stop words;

  5. Data on related searches from Google's SERPs:

Mandatory elements of a product page

There certainly is a difference between Product Pages of Clothing, Electronics, Foods and other items, but there are certain guidelines that apply to most and number of elements that should be present on any Product Page.
  1. Photo of a product.
  2. Price and calculated discount.
  3. Expandable photos.
  4. Photos from different angles.
  5. Add to cart (buy) and bookmark buttons.
  6. Product options.
  7. Detailed description.
  8. Information about the purchasing process.
  9. Easily accessible contacts or support.
  10. Breadcrumbs.

Catchy product photos

Product photos play a crucial role, adding a unique spin on your product photos can add personality to your online store. Make photos from different angles so that your customer can clearly understand how the item looks like. For example, if you sell sneakers, make even a photo of the sole, especially if it's a strength of this model. Don't be greedy when it comes to making awesome photos, find the high-skilled photographer to get really decent pictures.
Tara Hornor knows how to make a product photo catchy and creative, check out her article.

Clear call-to-action

The main goal of the product pages is to sell, so that "Add to cart"/ "Add to bag" buttons should be clear and visible. Don't make your customers wasting their time on searching for this button. Moreover, it should be a button, not a text link or something else, so that customer understands that it's the place where he/she has to click. You can see a great example of call-to-action button at the screenshot below, it's orange and big, so that it's impossible not to notice it.

"Out of stock" product page

There are two popular mistakes that online stores regularly make with "out of stock" pages. First and biggest mistake is removing the item from catalog and removing the page from website. This is something that shouldn't be done even if you never plan to restock on the missing item.

Matt Cutts in one of the videos on Google Webmasters' YouTube channel said that the best solution for the page with out of stock item for the big eCommerce website was using 404 error there. As for me, it seems quite irrational. When person sees 404 error the first thing that comes to mind is that the website is broken or something is wrong. There are great chances that after seeing 404 page a customer will leave this online store and choose another one for shopping. Seems that it isn't the effect you are waiting for.

Second mistake is not as crucial but very popular. A lot of stores simply make the listing inactive and put an "out of stock" tag next or over the price:
Here is another example of poorly designed "out of stock" page:
The first thing that the customer's eye catches is a discount price written in red. Let's imagine that the girl is searching for a beautiful jumper, she sees this one, she likes its color and design, then she notices that there's a great discount and it costs only £15, moreover it has great reviews 4 out of 5 stars. She starts searching for the "Add to cart" button and only after this she mentions that all sizes are struck through. Have you already found the info that this item is out of stock? Well, it's written in small font at the bottom of the screenshot. I think it's quite frustrating to understand that the item is out of stock when you've already imagined yourself wearing it (imagine yourself in this scenario).

Seems like good stores have everything in stock, plus it's hard to search for products that are not for sale, so I couldn't find a decent example of a properly designed out of stock page.

Here's what every "out of stock" page should have:

  • eye-catching "out of stock" sign;

  • similar items;

  • most popular items;

  • items on sale;

  • notify me button.

It's necessary to offer other items in place of sold out items to keep website visitors and increase conversion. Moreover, offer the similar items not just according to the category, but also take into account the color and brand.

Additional value for product page. Case

Additional value is a great way to improve ranking of a product page. The kind of additional value totally depends on the type of the online store. Here's a small case from Netpeak Marketing Agency related to our subject:

Project: online shop selling dashcams.


  1. Low product page ranking.

  2. Content rewriting didn't give any results.

  3. Improving ranking tracking of all product pages through backlinks is expensive.


  1. Text is not the best type of content for this type of wares.

  2. Users want to see the result, a video shot with a dashcam they're interested in.

  3. Videos will keep the visitors longer and improve behavioral factor.

Possible solution:

  1. Add examples of a video to the Product Page.

  2. Take videos from manufacturer's youtube channels.

Result (after adding videos to the product pages):
As you can see the number of visitors increased dramatically after videos were added. Try to come up with how you can add additional value to your online store. It can be sample photos for smartphones or cameras, 3D overview, or unboxing and so on.
I hope that these tips will come in handy for you, feel free to ask your questions.

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