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New Serpstat features:
January and February updates pool

Serpstat january and february updates
Stacy Mine
Stacy Mine
Editor at Serpstat
The beginning of 2020 became very productive for us: we updated the design and usability of our tools, upgraded Site Audit and Rank Tracker tools and fixed a huuuge number of annoying bugs. Let's see:

Serpstat achievements


Since 2015, Serpstat team has a goal to help you grow your business. Today we can proudly say that we're helping over 1000 of you! Last year, we had a rate of Latka top 5% in terms of revenue growth rate out of 3,500 SaaS companies.
This means, that you love our product, so we want to say great thanks to all of you for helping us grow 67% over the past 12 months! You helped us in occupying a spot in the top 100 fastest-growing SaaS companies.


rank tracker

Quick report filter by URL.

You can quickly sort the report by several parameters in the URLs report:

  • all keywords;
  • expected URL attached;
  • without expected URL;
  • URLs are different.

Quick filters are made by analogy with the filters on the Keywords report.
Selecting all keywords in the project through checkboxes.

Now you can select all keywords in the project with one click and apply operations to all phrases. This feature is especially valuable for projects with more than 500 keywords.
Deactivation of regions.

You can stop checking a region without removing it from the project. You won't waste any limits. No new data will be collected, but you'll have access to the previously collected information. You can do this in the Settings menu on the Search Regions tab. This feature is handy for those users who temporarily don't work with a particular region and want to save limits.
Filtering by tag in Keyword settings.

We added a filter by tag in the Rank Tracker project settings. Now you can filter keywords before the first data appears on the project.
Improved History Report Settings.

Now, when you go to the tab Keywords → History, a period of 7 checks will be selected b
An improved graph of the history of the distribution of keywords by ranges.

We modified the colors so that the table and the graph coincided. We also got rid of the duplication of the legend on the History tab.
Colors of the History in export.

The colors from the Keyword History are saved when exporting a report in xlsx format.
Translations in project settings.

All languages have translations when setting up a Rank Tracking project.
Serpstat Rank Tracker: A Complete Guide

site and page audit

Links to the latest reports in the export alert.

We returned the link for a quick transition to the latest user reports to the alert.
New Cancel Sorting feature.

This option returns the initial state of the column if sorting is no longer needed.
Prioritization of Page Audit before Site Audit.

Now Pages are scanned in the first place, then the whole Site. This was done to speed up the page audit for the user not to wait in line for a short check.
Effective Site Audit With Serpstat: Tool Overview
Technical Audit Of A Page In 2 Clicks

Serpstat Website SEO Checker

The extension opens on the tab section on which it was closed.

We began to save the last tab visited by the user. Previously, the extension always opened on the tab SEO parameters.
New highlighting.

Improved the highlighting of alt tags for images on the pages: changed the format, added frames, a tooltip for hovering.
Tags tree view.

Added the ability to view the hierarchy of h1-h6 headers on the page as a visual tree.
Improved settings tab.

Moved all the highlighting switches in the settings menu and changed the logic of their operation.
Updated Serpstat Website SEO Checker

search analytics

If we can't get the data on the number of shares on Facebook, N/A is displayed.

In cases where the Facebook API doesn't give out information about shares, you can see N/A in the reports Site Analysis → Page Analysis → Competitors and Site Analysis → Domain Analysis → SEO Analysis → Leader Pages.
Default filters in the Related keywords report.

We added the default filters to the Related keywords report:
Search volume → Parameter: greater than 1.
Misspelled keywords → Parameter: Does not include.
Now the report shows relevant data: without misspelled keywords and phrases with 0 frequency.

what we fixed

Rank Tracker
  • the intermediate position of the keyword was not considered in the filter Entered the top with a period;
  • the tables incorrectly showed data when applying fast filters;
  • keywords with a Google search region had no volume;
  • endless preloader after adding a filter and reloading the page;
  • charts of the dynamics of positions and Keyword Storms were cut off in Safari;
  • incorrectly displayed data in the Positions increased column;
  • the Keyword Storm was not always calculated;
  • positions in the interface and in the SERP cache for the mobile region were different;
  • URL filter did not function;
  • the data for the main domain in the history of SERP did not coincide with the SERP cache for the mobile region;
  • the counters in the getUrlsStat procedure did not change after the keyword was deleted;
  • deleted keywords were displayed in the quick filter block;
  • there was no second date on the right in the Distribution Ranges graph for a period;
  • there were two points for the date on the Distribution Ranges graph for the period;
  • keywords that hit the top didn't appear in the Pages section;
  • incorrect dynamics of the position of keywords;
  • keywords without a destination URL fell into the filter URLs are different;
  • search and filtering were not applied when exporting a file;
  • keyword distribution diagrams by position were empty in the report for a period of time;
  • repeated request when cleaning the search tab;
  • the counter for the tag did not change after deleting keywords for the tag;
  • the Filters button did not function after refreshing the page;
  • duplicated actions from the Dynamics and Storm graphs to the Distribution Ranges graph with a period;
  • a transition was made to the report without regions after clicking the back button;
  • keywords with PPC were not displayed when filtering by tag;
  • broken URL validation;
  • localization of months did not change when changing the language;
  • an incorrect translation key appeared for the last column in the table;
  • vertical numbers for the period were displayed off the chart.
    Site and Page Audit
    • the progress indicator returned to the 50% after 80% during the page audit;
    • errors that are present on the pages were not displayed;
    • the page broke when showing errors in the Server response code: 4xx category.
    Serpstat Website SEO Checker
    • the content of the Robots.txt element in the Site Indexing table did not match the contents of the robots.txt page;
    • some tags were incorrectly allocated when activating h1-h6 tag highlighting;
    • there was a problem with displaying cyrillic URLs and their data;
    • the links were duplicated in the Alternate block of the table;
    • An extra <h1> header was found on the page;
    • the analysis was launched and updated on the Page Analysis and Domain Analysis tabs in the presence of 8 API-limits;
    • data in the XML sitemaps block was collapsed under the spoiler sign, even if only one sitemap file was found;
    • .jpg images were displayed on the PNG tab of the Images (format) table.

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