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News 9 min read

Incredible Results: 30 Serpstat Updates And 77 New Databases

Incredible Results: 30 Serpstat Updates And 77 New Databases

Stacy Mine
Editor at Serpstat
We haven't posted news about our improvements for a long time. Nevertheless, we had so many updates and new databases that they deserve special attention. In this post, I'll tell you about the latest Serpstat updates that you might not have noticed :) Let's go!

What updates do we have here?


List of projects

To make project management even more convenient, we added the following features to the list of projects:
    The user can move projects between created groups or in/from the Default group folder. The Default group folder has all your projects without a group.
    Besides, the user has the option to delete a project group. Each project can also be deleted (from the group or final) or moved.
    In the list of projects, you can update the screenshot of the main page. These changes will help you better organize your work and not waste time searching for a suitable project.

    Checklists and Multi-user mode

    If you are an active user of the checklist feature and multi-user mode, these changes will be interesting for you:
        In the Checklists section, you can share the checklist templates with other users. Click on Share, and you'll get a link to follow.
        In the Multiuser section, we added columns and statistics data tables that show the limit of usage of multi-user account subscribers. So you get more control over account management.

        Website Analysis and Keyword Research

        In the analytics sections, we made the following updates:
            The Keywords Selection page now allows you to sort search queries by keyword difficulty. So you find matching searches for SEO purposes that bring good results with minimal effort.
            In the Keyword Research section, search queries in the Related Keywords report can be sorted by all columns and filtered.
            If you prefer the API methods to edit and analyze data quickly, we have good news for you: Search Suggestions have also been provided with APIs.
            Sorting and Filtering have been added to the Missing Keywords section of the Competitors section for keyword research to be even better.
            Top Pages can be filtered by URLs.
            To find the database you want, you can use Search for countries and locations. This option is available on the main page in the search bar.
            The Positions report (Domain Analysis → SEO Research) can be downloaded as a PDF file.
            Another update in this report: Data now is sorted according to the changed positions.
            The Visibility Trends graph (in the Domain Analysis section) will display data changes every two weeks.

            Backlink Analysis

            The analysis of the backlinks was also changed a bit. Backlink Analysis section provides you with such options and possibilities:
                Tracking the backlink information with the possibility to set the time range. We added the ability to view data about backlinks from the historical index.
                Search for the anchor text in the Anchors report.

                Site Audit

                Is the website audit your favorite module? Then we have good news for you too.
                    The most important update in the Site Audit is that reports can be loaded and edited even faster. Our developers have significantly increased the speed of the module. Further updates of the tool are reported in the article Better, Faster, Stronger: Updated Site Audit In Serpstat.
                    We added scanning of the lists of URLs and Sitemap in Settings.

                    Rank Tracker

                    If youtrack the rankings of your website regularly, it is important for you to know that there are some changes:
                        In monitoring settings, you can add tags and domains using Enter and +.
                        Language settings are available in Rank Tracker in API. Don't forget that Serpstat also offers SERP crawling. You can see how this feature differs from the module Rank Tracker here in the article How To Make A Niche Analysis
                        With Our Crawling Tool


                        The Keyword Clustering and Text Analysis and Keyword Quality Control tools are also updated:
                            We changed structure for exported clustering reports.
                            Now you can export dashboards in CSV, XLS, XLSX.
                            Keyword Clustering reports can now be downloaded as PDF files.
                            When selecting the project in the Keyword Quality Control tool, you can go back as the Back button was added.


                            The blog also faced some changes:
                                Now our readers have the opportunity to rate the article on a 5-star scale.
                                Another excellent news: the Read Later feature appeared on the blog. If you don't have time to read the article, you can easily get the link via email or messenger. Even more fun with blog reading.

                                General changes and profile

                                To make the use of Serpstat even more enjoyable for our users, we made the following changes:
                                    You can register via LinkedIn profile. That's how you can reach Serpstat opportunities even faster.
                                    You will find the remaining balance of your account.
                                    If you don't want to receive export notifications, you can switch off this feature in the profile settings.
                                    Multiple sessions from one account can be blocked if necessary.


                                    To help you choose the plan that best fits your needs, we added detailed information to the Plans & Pricing page. Here you can find out which options are available for you according to the selected plan.


                                    Did you try our updated plugin? If not, it's time to test the new section of the plugin — On-page SEO parameters — which are available with one click directly in the browser:

                                    • indexing metrics
                                    • meta tags
                                    • pictures and headlines
                                    • social networks

                                    Read in the article Updated Google Chrome Plugin to learn about all the benefits.


                                        We have significantly expanded the list of Serpstat databases:
                                            Several Google databases have been updated:
                                                You can see more details on the Statistics page.
                                                    What do you think about these updates? We are waiting for your comments and suggestions :)

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