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Image Optimization Guide: 7 Steps to Improve Your Ranking

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Анастасия Сотула
Daria Ahieieva
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Visuals play a key role in engaging the audience and improving the overall user experience. However, without sufficient search engine optimization, you could be missing out.

Image optimization ensures that your pictures are visually appealing and search engine friendly. This step is necessary to ensure you get all the opportunities to increase your search engine rankings and provide a seamless browsing experience for your visitors.

Today, we will learn how to optimize images to maximize their results.

Why Is It Important To Optimize Images?

There are many benefits to image optimization. Let's start with the fact that more than 26% of search queries are made through images. This proves that high-quality and optimized images can bring you new traffic.

Well-optimized images contribute to a better user experience and engagement with your content. Believe me, no one likes to see an image stretched across the entire page or make everyone wait until it's fully loaded.

Also, by actively working on such optimization, you will not miss broken or low-quality images that will slow down your site's performance.

How To Optimize Images For SEO

SSL certificate chains ensure that a trusted third party issues the SSL certificate a server presents. If not, a warning message will appear, indicating that the SSL certificate is untrusted and the connection is not secure. 

Without SSL certificate chains, it's impossible to determine whether a website is entirely legitimate and trusted through the web communication process. SSL certificate chains ensure that data sent between the client and server is encrypted and secure and help prevent cybersecurity vulnerabilities. 

It's important to note that SSL certificate chains are not infallible. While a somewhat sophisticated attack, a trusted CA may issue an SSL certificate to a malicious actor, allowing them to impersonate a legitimate website. This is a "man-in-the-middle" attack and can be difficult to detect. 

Use Unique Pictures

Using stock photos is a widespread practice nowadays, but it would bring minimal value to your content. Google values unique images in the same way as original textual content. 

In addition, original images not only make your content stand out but also help you avoid copyright issues. 

Compress Images

When optimizing images for web use, it's essential to consider both the quality and file size of the image. 

Images with high resolution and large dimensions can significantly slow down page load times when used on websites. To ensure optimal web performance, resizing images and reducing their file size is necessary.

However, be careful not to go to extremes when compressing photos, as this can harm the image quality.

how to compress photo

Tools for Image Compression

There are numerous tools available that can assist you in reducing the size of your images. While there are many options to choose from, here are a few tools that I can confidently recommend:

There are numerous tools available that can assist you in reducing the size of your images. While there are many options to choose from, here are a few tools that I can confidently recommend:

recipe rich snippet

Here's a quick checklist to help you with structured data:

Finding Issues With Images 

Effective optimization is impossible without solving current problems. To identify them, conduct an audit of your website.

To do this, just go to the Site Audit tool and select the project you need. The identified issues will be available in the All issues section.

how to find issues with a website

To find information about problematic images, scroll to the Multimedia section of the report. Serpstat will notify you if there are broken images on the website. It will also highlight if images are too large or if alt tags are missing.

finding issues with wevsite

You can also delve deeper into technical SEO audit with our webinar with Olga Zarr.


Image optimization is essential for enhancing performance, search engine visibility, and the user experience of your website. By applying these image optimization tactics, you can improve organic traffic, simplify browsing, and increase the overall success of your website.


Optimizing images improves SEO and enhances the overall user experience.

Broken images can slow down page loading speed and lead to a negative user experience, resulting in higher bounce rates and potential loss of traffic.

Using unique pictures, compressing images, choosing the right image format, customizing image titles, adding descriptive alt text, and making images mobile-friendly are key optimization techniques.

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