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News 5 min read August 7, 2017

Hot Product Updates: Summing Up Our July Results

Elena K.
Editorial Head at Serpstat
I've already announced the release of our new tools — Keyword Clustering and Text Analytics.

These tools are designed to help you rank your page for a whole group instead of a single keyword.
  • Keyword clustering tool groups semantically related keywords in such a way that keywords in the same group are relevant to a particular page of your website.

  • Text Analytics provides you with a list of recommended keywords to use in Title, H1, and Body based on top-10 search results of all keywords.
But this month was really hot for updates and here are some other updates we released in July. Check them out.


Keyword clustering updates

We've recently released Keyword clustering tool, but here are some updates we added to make it even better.

  • Saved region settings

To save your time, we set the search engine and region settings you use most often. You can easily change them if you want to run keyword clustering for another region
  • Export

Now you can export your clustering reports using your desired format. After clustering is completed, click on Export button in the upper right corner and choose the format you need.
Then go to your account and click on Latest reports tab. Here you can download this or any other report you saved.


Site Audit updates

Site Audit is getting even more user-friendly now as we added several additional settings to conduct custom audit for your website.

1. Adjustable scanning speed

Now you're in charge of time spent on site audit. While launching a website audit, you can adjust the speed of scanning of your website. We recommend to set the speed based on the number of pages your site has:

Min for websites with < 10 000 pages;
Middle for sited with 10 000 - 50 000 pages;
Max for ones with > 50 000 pages.

If you are running out of time, you may ignore our recommendations and choose the higher speed. But note that in this case, there are high chances that server will return 500 error because of excessive load. We'll consider this as an error and include to the audit report as a server status code error. If you have more time and you want to make sure that every page of your website is checked, choose the lower speed.

If you don't want to set the speed manually, tick automatic speed control, which will avoid excessive load on the site by decreasing the scanning speed when required.

2. Consider/don't consider robots.txt

After choosing the scanning speed, you can start the audit or go to additional settings by clicking on "More options."

Here you'll see three pages. Let's look at the first one. Besides choosing whether to check subdomains or not and selecting user agent, now you can choose whether to consider robots.txt or not.

If you want us to check the disallowed pages, select to "Consider robots.txt."

3. Filter by words in URL

Now you can enter the list of keywords so that our robot will check only/don't check those pages that include these keywords in URL.

Enter the desired words separated by commas or from the new line. So if you added a new section to your website and need to check the pages that belong to this section, you can use this feature to exclude other sections and save limits.

4. Restricted access websites

Now you can run site audit even for restricted access websites. Provide us with the login and password to launch audit.


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That's it! As to the weather forecast, the next month is also going to be hot ;)

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