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Fresh April Updates: Summing Up Our Results

Fresh April Updates: Summing Up Our Results

Yuliia Zadachenkova
Customer Support Specialist at Serpstat
This month our team was closed at home, but not broken :) We used this time to work even harder, so we made a large number of service updates. It has become even more efficient with our new useful features and improved modules. Read about all the service changes in our article!

Updates in the Rank Tracker tool

This month is the record holder for the number of updates is the Rank Tracker module. Here is a list of its recent updates:
You can check the date of adding the keyword to the project. The date will not change when you delete and re-add the keyword. You can sort the report by date.
april updates
Now you can choose a tracking type:
  • project domain only;
  • whole site;
  • by exact URL;
  • by exact URL prefix.
april updates
You can check snippets for a domain in Google search results.
This feature is available on all pricing plans. If the tool detected a snippet for the analyzed domain, then the element will be colored in blue; if the snippet is for another domain, then the element will be colored in gray. Snippets will be recorded only by organic search engine results.
april updates
We added the ability to add keywords separated by commas in the filter "by Keyword":
april updates
Now it is possible to create notes on all project reports with reference to the current date. You can view, edit, or delete the list of notes. Days for which there are notes in the project are highlighted.
april updates
History report now has the default data for 7 days.
april updates
We also made some changes at the request of our users:
  • made the scrollbar wider, now clicking on it is much easier;
  • fixed the header when scrolling, now it is always visible when viewing the report;
  • SERP will open in a new tab, which will reduce the number of transitions from report to report;
  • we increased the height of the blocks to fit more positions without scrolling.
Frequently Asked Questions About Rank Tracker: Customer Support Digest #2

New features in the Site Audit

Fixed and passed issues can be viewed in separate tabs.
april updates
We added an automatic scroll to the most recent message in the user log, which allows us to see the current status of the Audit.
april updates
How To Find Bugs That Impede Your Site Promotion

Changes in the Backlinks Analysis

Now it is possible to sort all report columns of the Backlink Analysis module (except for dates)
april updates
We added a new report that allows you to view referring malicious sites and links from them.
april updates
What Everyone Must Know About Backlink Quality, Link Penalties And Bad Links

New features on the dashboard

Our dashboard was improved using React functionality:
  • work and movement on the dashboard is faster and smoother;
  • switching from the List of projects to any service module takes less time;
  • we'll be able to make changes to the dashboard faster.
We took care of the safe removal of the group with the project which is situated in several groups at the same time. Your project will remain in the undeleted group and not get into the Default group.
If the project is only in the group that is deleted, then it will be moved to the Default group.
The team owner has the opportunity to add or remove access to a team member from the List of projects page.
april updates

Team Management

Now the team owner can delete deactivated team members.
april updates

Registration process

We left the choice for you, and entering phone number is now optional.
april updates

What we fixed

Rank Tracker
  • we worked on displaying competitors from competitors' dropdowns in Rank Tracker;
  • we fixed the bug "Invalid date Inv. Invalid date "in the Date added field.
Site Audit
  • we set up the export of PDF reports in Audit, as well as the report One link from a domain;
  • preparing button is displayed for the project, which is located in the Audit block;
  • we have optimized the process of showing Site Audit information on Dashboards in the List of projects;
  • we have worked on displaying audit dates for the Safari browser.
  • we worked on creating projects in the Clustering.
Website analysis
  • we fixed the bug when the search type changed to "with subdomains" when switching between pages of the Backlink Analysis module.
Backlink Analysis
  • we have improved the export of reports.
  • we set up the creation of the name of the groups of projects and now it can be done by using a space button.
That's it ;) Follow us on social media not to miss our new updates.

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