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Best SEO Specialist 2018 — Rating From Serpstat

Best SEO Specialist 2018 — Serpstat Launches New Rating
Best SEO Specialist 2018 — Rating From Serpstat 16261788162471
Stacy Mine
Editor at Serpstat
Are you an SEO newbie who wants to learn using the experience of skilled experts? Or maybe you've been at SEO for a long time and want to meet new specialists?

Perhaps you're an SEO expert and you're not afraid to show it and compete with others?

In any case, you need to check out this post. For the first time Serpstat launches a rating to see who can win the best SEO specialist award! We are looking for people who are constantly improving this area, who can share awesome cases and train newbies. And we definitely want to brag about those people ;)

Why are we doing this?

We would love to hear new names in SEO and meet people who make breakthroughs every day.
This rating will influence the whole niche. We want to find leaders who can set the level which everyone will try to reach.
We want SEO newbies and those who are interested in this area tobe able to learn innovative methods, tips and tricks and discover lots of new things.
We want to reveal the heroes with our rating who are in the backlight and don't blog.
We are looking for SEO experts for joint work on internal projects and analytics.
And finally, we believe that this rating is extremely useful for those who'll take part in it. They'll become popular among customers and colleagues. It will be a new step in their career. Top-3 SEO specialists will become official Serpstat Experts.

How is the rating built?

We build our rating in three stages:

Stage 1: Volunteers can submit their or their colleagues' candidacy for a long-list of our rating: just fill out the form. The deadline is October, 3.

Stage 2: On October, 1 we'll publish a short-list of participants with a short info. Any interested person can vote for one specialist from this list.

Stage 3: Serpstat official jury will choose the best specialist among those who'll rank the highest. We'll choose according to our subjective opinion on who has contributed the most in this area.

After the third stage, we'll close the voting, publish the final rating and reward the winner as well as the top-3 (according to readers' opinions).

What will you win? The winners can get a Cup for the Best SEO Specialist, lifelong* or very long Serpstat access and a chance to become a Serpstat Expert.

* lifelong access means a 100-years access to Plan A

How to suggest participants?

Our basic requirements are:
  • provide us with a case which will prove that you're a real SEO specialist
  • OR describe a creative solution for a common issue
  • OR share how you train SEO specialists
    You can send links to posts that are published on blogs, Facebook or any other social media. For example:
    If you have something to say, then you're the one we need. Don't worry if your case hasn't been published yet, just add your link to Google Docs. If it fits all our requirements, we'll publish it on our blog.

    Remember that your case must be relevant and up-to-date for 2018.
    So don't waste your time and fill out the form :)

    Note that several fields are obligatory to fill in.
    Fill it out right now and call your colleagues :)

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