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April Updates: 12 New SEO Issues In The Site Audit And Automated Rank Tracking Report

April Updates: 12 New SEO Issues In The Site Audit And Automated Rank Tracking Report

Elena K.
Editorial Head at Serpstat
Our developers were so excited while waiting for the "Infinity war" to come out, that the whole team was working like real superheroes during this month and released a bunch of super-cool and useful updates.

In this post, I'll share all these updates so keep reading to learn what they are and how to benefit from them ;)

New SEO issues available in the Audit tool

We added new SEO issues to our Audit tool to make the SEO audit of your site more specific and deeper. Here is the list of the new issues we now monitor:

We gathered all issues connected with content and created a new category, which includes:

Lorem Ipsum placeholder text
Issue description: Lorem Ipsum placeholder text has been found on your pages. Lorem Ipsum is often used at the development stage to test out the page appearance. The search engine will regard such content as worthless when the site goes live.

How to fix? Replace Lorem Ipsum text with unique topically relevant content.
Missing body text
Issue description: The page content tells the search engine what searcher's task you are trying to accomplish.

How to fix? Craft unique content that satisfies the search query and fulfills the searcher's task.
Too large page size
Issue description: Page size impacts its load time and consequently the dwell time, bounce rate and rankings. Large and slow pages tend to have crawling and indexation issues.

How to fix? Reduce the page size to 2 MB.

Other new issues are added to the already existing categories, and here is the whole list of them:

Multiple rel=canonical tags
Issue description: If you have multiple rel=canonical tags on a single page pointing to different URLs as the preferred canonical version, the search engine will most probably ignore the canonicals altogether.

How to fix? Specify only one page as the canonical version.
Multiple title tags
Issue description: Multiple instances of a title tag have been found on your pages. Pages like that do not make any sense for the search engine.

How to fix? Use only one title tag per page.
Missing Favicon
Issue description: There is no Favicon on website's pages (a small sight that appears near the websites in search engine results).

How to fix? Add a favicon to your website.
URL too long
Issue description: The search engine doesn't index pages with URLs longer than 1024 characters.

How to fix? Make your URLs shorter. Not longer than 1024 characters.
Cross-domain canonical links
Issue description: Canonical links to a completely different domain will pass all SEO value of your URL to an external resource.

How to fix?
Don't use cross-domain canonical links if a URL on your website brings you visitors and convertible leads.
H1 duplicates the title
Issue description: Title and H1 are important areas of a page from the SEO perspective. By keeping them identical, you are neglecting ranking opportunities.

How to fix? Your title and H1 should be different on a single page.
Too many URL parameters
Issue description: Multiple URL parameters often create many duplicates or near-duplicate pages that can be easily overlooked when you configure your robots.txt file. They are also not very friendly for humans to read. Pages with 5 or more URL parameters will be listed as having too many.

How to fix? Reduce the number of URL parameters to include only the most important ones.
Missing character encoding
Issue description: The meta charset attribute specifies the character encoding for the HTML document to help browser understand what character set is used on your page and render it properly.

How to fix? Declare the character encoding in your HTML.
Updated formula for calculating SDO
Now we consider the number of indexed pages when calculating SDO (Serpstat Domain Optimization) score.

SDO is a parameter that shows how well a domain is optimized based on the correlation of the total number of errors and how critical they are to the number of possible errors.

The update and its date will be displayed on the SDO graph.

Brazilian database

This month we successfully launched Google Brazil database with 11M keywords and 23M domains. So if you have projects you need to optimize for Google Brazil database, you know where to get the data.

For more details read this post →

Rank Tracker updates: keywords below the top 100 search results and language selection

With this update, you can get data on the keywords that your site ranks for below the top 100 search results.

You can find this list in the "Positions" report along with the following groups:

  • keywords with no change in position since the last update;
  • keywords which positions improved since the last update;
  • keywords which positions dropped since the last update;
  • keywords the domain has started ranking for in top 100 search results.
Let's dwell on the difference between the lost keywords and below the top 100 ones. So the lost keywords are the ones for which you no longer rank in the top 100, while 'below the top' are the ones you have never ranked in the top 100.
Another great option we added this time is the ability to choose the language of the rank tracking project. The language is set automatically according to the country you choose, but now you can choose any language from the list.

Automated rank tracking report

Hurray! The automated reports are already available for all our tools as this month we added automated rank tracking report. You can get your project's updates without even visiting Serpstat. You'll get all required data via email according to the settings you set.

Go to the List of projects and click on the mail icon. Then you'll see a pop-up, where you can set the automated emails for any tool you need: Site Audit, Backlink Analysis, Search Analytics and Rank Tracker.

To set automated rank tracking report:

  1. add the list of emails
  2. choose the reports you want to receive,
  3. set the tracking schedul
  4. and the frequency of sending the reports.

Serpstat will automatically track your website's rankings and send you emails with the results.
That's all for our April updates, follow our blog not to miss even more super-cool news and updates :)

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