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Content Marketing 7 min read

5 Content Marketing Tactics to Use in 2017

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Ana Grasic
Digital marketer at Ucraft
The goal behind writing content is to skyrocket your search traffic and drive customers to your website. Well, it is certainly easier said than done. Long-term success in content marketing is possible only with constant work and a good marketing strategy...but you've already known that, right? The problem is to find those content marketing tactics that will add an extra sparkle to your overall strategy and do the magic.

Here are five content marketing strategies that should do the trick in 2017.

#1: Adapt content for millennials

Millennials are a group of people that you should take very seriously when it comes to marketing. They can be your most valuable customers, as they care about family and community. Oh, but they cherish creativity as well, so basic articles we have already seen a hundred times before won't work.

Apart from embracing original content, you MUST adapt your content to every device and every platform. All of your landing pages, blog posts and articles must be easy to navigate on a desktop computer, smartphone, and tablet.

Mobile responsive websites are nothing new, but you must make an effort to take responsiveness to the next level. This is a must if you are in the e-commerce niche - studies revealed that almost 50% of shoppers like to make an online purchase while in a store.

#2: Embrace roundups

Imagine 10, 20 or even 100 bloggers promoting your blog post for free?! No, we are not talking about manual outreach to ask for a link exchange or a social media share. Like we said: embrace roundup articles!

Find a topic that would interest your audience and ask bloggers and influencers in your niche for an opinion on the matter. Gather all the tips into one value-packed article and let the (sharing) games begin!

Roundups are not only a shortcut to gaining social shares and traffic, but they are also a great way to build good relationships. Everybody likes to get mentioned in a good post because a little ego boost never hurt anybody!

So, what are the best ways to create roundups?

The easiest way is to write an article yourself, quote bloggers and link back to their website and let them know about it. Another way to do it is, like we mentioned, to send a couple of questions that your readers would like to find (expert) answers to and make a blog post out of all their pieces of advice.

Just like with every outreach, asking bloggers who are already busy to participate in your roundup is not always going to flow smoothly. Keep in mind how much you will benefit from all the shares and keep sending those e-mails!

#3: Embrace roundups

Think big. Yes, you should always be motivated by huge dreams and goals. But then again, you need to start from the beginning. Start from where you are and boost your views, visits, subscriptions and leads from there.

If you always worry about the number of your current visits, it will be very hard to reach those desired numbers in your site's analytics.

Devise a strategy that will generate a smaller amount of monthly visitors and focus on it. Make sure that you can measure your strategy well so that you always know what steps to take. If you produce great content for a smaller audience, they will surely be willing to share it and recommend it to their friends. That way, the hedgehog model will eventually boost your traffic!

#4: H.A.R.O. tactic

Have you already checked H.A.R.O. out?

By posting a catchy and interesting topic on H.A.R.O., you can get lots of high-quality backlinks. Yup, just like that! How? Well, since helpareporter.com is a community mostly for niche experts, they will be willing to provide a thorough answer. Gather all the answers into a blog post and the H.A.R.O. roundup participants will be happy to share it on their blogs.

Why don't you give back to the community as well? Participate as a contributor and write a value-packed answer to a topic you are specialized in. Not only will you gain respect in the H.A.R.O. community, but you could get exposure to your site.

#5: The Famous Skyscraper Technique

The Skyscraper technique is nothing new in content marketing, yet it hasn't been embraced enough. Actually, it is not that marketers aren't aware how successful the tactic can be, but they just don't utilize it well.

The first thing to do is find an article that has already been shared many times and that people want to read. Afterward, conduct thorough research and write a way better article than that one. Add more images, more examples, case studies, etc. Oh yes, it is going to be hard, but hey, hard work does pay off.

When you create your skyscraper article, let people know about it. Reach out to all those websites that linked back to the "role-model article", but also find some that haven't covered (shared) a similar topic. It might seem like too much of a hassle, but people do appreciate good articles, you'll see.
Hopefully, this article helped you keep your focus on quality rather than quantity when it comes to content. Have you noticed that almost all mentioned tactics rely on outreach? That means that content strategies are not just about great copywriting, but also about maintaining good partnerships.

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