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Related keywords

The report lists the variations of the analyzed keywords that are semantically related.
Be sure to use this report to find unexpected user queries and take them into account when optimizing your site or article landing pages. For example, someone googles "buy a microwave", and someone "buy a microwave oven" or "buy a bicycle  — buy a bike/bike".
By collecting synonyms and colloquial expressions, you optimize your site for different user requests and attract more traffic than competitors.

Volume (average per month over the last year) — how often users typed this key into a search.
CPC — cost per click in USD.
Competition will show how difficult it will be to promote a given keyword in PPC (max. 100%).
Connection strength indicates the number of pages in the top 20 that are ranked by both analyzed and given keywords.

User case: expand semantics
The report will help you collect semantics that will diversify your keywords. You will save time coming up with synonyms and related keywords, all you have to do is filter the keywords by the necessary parameters and export them in a format convenient for you.

Report set up
Here are some tips on how you can set up the report for your needs:
1. Columns can be sorted and rearranged by location and by sizes;

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2. In the upper right corner, there is a button that will allow you to copy the necessary information by selecting the keywords, checkboxes will help with this;

Related keywords 16261788638840

3. The blue mark provides quick access to other reports;

Related keywords 16261788638840

4. Most indicators in the columns are clickable, to see a detailed report  — click on the indicator.

Also this report can be filtered by the following parameters:
- volume;
- keywords;
- filter toponyms;
- misspelled keywords;
- number of words in the keyword;
- SERP features;
- KW difficulty;
- CPC;
- competition level;
- connection strength.
To do this click the "Filter" button in the upper right corner and set the required parameters:

filtering settings

* In the default report the filter "Misspelled keywords — does not contain all" is applied. If you want to view all the results, the filter must be canceled (click the cross on the "Filter" button).