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Relevance Analysis tool allows you to determine how relevant is your page to search queries from your niche comparing with your competitors.

Steps to follow:
1. Enter a keyword from your niche into the search bar on Serpstat and navigate to Keyword Research. Select relevant keywords and create a list.
2. Navigate to Cluster Research, select relevant keywords and add them to the list you created previously (place the cursor into the List Title field, select the list from the dropdown, and click on Add).
3. Navigate to Relevance Analysis and open the previosly created list. Enter your page address into the corresponding field, select necessary keywords, and click on Find Out Relevance Score
Remember your relevance score for the researched keywords (or simply make a screenshot and save the image). Now enter your competitor's URL and find out his relevance score to the researched keywords. Compare the results, and you'll easily find out if you need to put more effort into optimizing your page to particular search queries to beat the competition.

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