Lost backlinks

The getLostBacklinks method gives you a list of lost backlinks of a site you analyze. The data set is similar to the Lost backlinks report. 

General request parameters and instructions for using Serpstat API

Request parameters
Parameter Description Default
id required A request id: the response contains the same id. Enter any number (number) or text (string) value
method required API method name: SerpstatBacklinksProcedure.getLostBacklinks
params required The object with parameters {...}, it lists all the following parameters and arrays [...]
query required A domain of the analyzed site. Specify the domain without HTTP, HTTPS, and "/"
searchType required Search type:
* domain - only domain (site.com)
* domain_with_subdomains - domain with subdomains (subdomain.site.com)
* URL - the specific URL (site.com/path/)
part_url - URL starts with (site.com/path/*)
page optional A page number (number value) 1
size optional A number of results (number value) 100
sort optional Sorting:
url_from - the referring page
* anchor - the anchor of the backlink
* link_nofollow - link attributes
* links_external - a number of outgoing links from the referring page
* link_type - the type of incoming link
* url_to - a landing page
check - date of the first detection
order optional Order:
asc - in the ascending order
desc - in the descending order
complexFilter optional

Data filtering, entered as arrays [...] with the following parameters:
1) field - filter parameter; available filtering:
* url_from - the referring page
* anchor - the anchor of the backlink
* link_nofollow - link attributes. Possible values: follow, nofollow, ugc, sponsored
* links_external - the number of external links from the referring page
* link_type - the type of the backlink. Possible values: text, redirect, iframe, form, canonical, rss, alternate, image
* url_to - a landing page
* check - link detection date. Value format: DD.MM.YYYY (01.01.2001)

2) compareType - filter parameter:
* gt - greater than (number value)
* lt - less than (number value)
* gte - greater than or equal (number value)
* lte - less than or equal (number value)
* eq - exact match (number or text value)
* neq - does not meet the requirement (number or text value)
* between - between (number value)
* contains - contains (text value)
* notContains - does not contain (text value)
* startsWith - starts with (text value)
* endsWith - ends with (text value)

3) value - filter value

Quick filters:
additional_filters - the following parameters are currently available:
* no_subdomains - without links from subdomains of the analyzed domain
* last_week - data for the last week
* only_main_page - only backlinks from main pages

The first square brackets list the "OR" conditions. The second within the first are the "AND" conditions.

linkPerDomain optional Data acquisition mode:
* 0 - one link from the page
* 1 - one link from the domain

Response parameters
Parameter Description
id Response id corresponds the request id
result Contains the answer
data Array with data
url_from Linking page
url_to Target page
nofollow Link attributes. If several are listed, they're separated by commas. Options: follow, nofollow, UGC, sponsored
link_type Link type. Options: href, image, redirect, frame, rss, alternate, form, canonical
links_ext Number of  external links from the referring page
link_text Link anchor
first_seen Link detection date
last_visited The last date of crawling 
date_del The last date of the link marked as lost by Serpstat bot
summary_info Object with data
page Page number
total Number of results for request
count Number of results in this answer
left_lines Left credit of lines for your pricing plan
sort What data are sorted by
order Data sorted:
* asc - in the ascending order
* desc - in the descending order

API credits are spent at 1 credit per line. Part of the API response for which you spend 1 credit:

     "url_from": "https://zerotoscale.com/episode-150-content-creation-process-checklist-vacation-recap/",
     "url_to": "https://serpstat.com/",
     "nofollow": "follow",
     "link_type": "href",
     "links_ext": 12,
     "link_text": "SerpStat",
     "first_seen": "2019-09-05 05:51:46",
     "last_visited": "2019-12-11 18:41:42",
     "date_del": "2019-12-11 18:41:42"

Request data:
 "id": 1,
 "method": "SerpstatBacklinksProcedure.getLostBacklinks",
 "params": {
     "query": "serpstat.com",
     "searchType": "domain",
     "sort": "url_from",
     "order": "desc",
     "page": 1,
     "size": 2,
     "linkPerDomain": 1,
     "complexFilter": [
                    "field": "url_from",
                    "compareType": "notContains",
                    "value": [
                    "field": "link_nofollow",
                    "compareType": "contains",
                    "value": [
                    "field": "anchor",
                    "compareType": "notContains",
                    "value": [
                    "field": "check",
                    "compareType": "lte",
                    "value": [
                    "field": "links_external",
                    "compareType": "between",
                    "value": [
                    "field": "links_external",
                    "compareType": "lte",
                    "value": [
                    "additional_filters": "no_subdomains"
                    "additional_filters": "only_main_page"
                    "additional_filters": "last_week"
Response data:
    "id": "1",
    "result": {
        "data": [
                "url_from": "https://kinghead.wordpress.com",
                "url_to": "http://serpstat.com/",
                "nofollow": "follow",
                "link_type": "href",
                "links_ext": 13,
                "link_text": "Serpstat",
                "first_seen": "2020-11-11",
                "last_visited": "2021-09-16 09:36:15",
                "date_del": "2021-09-16 09:36:15",
                "domain_rank": 8
        "summary_info": {
            "left_lines": 999803,
            "page": 1,
            "count": 1,
            "total": 1,
            "sort": "url_from",
            "order": "DESC"

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