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Content Marketing 17 min read May 9, 2022

Ukrainian IT: Top SaaS Tools For Business

Ukrainian IT: Top SaaS Tools For Business
Анастасія Сотула
Anastasiia Sotula
Blog Editor at Serpstat
Many users and companies are currently looking for alternatives to Russian services from Tilda to AmoCRM. But not everyone knows that the Ukrainian market can offer many alternatives for almost any task.

By choosing a Ukrainian service, you not only support the business in the country but also the economy as a whole. Therefore, we decided to prepare a comprehensive guide to SaaS services in Ukraine to simplify your search.

In case you notice that we've missed a valuable service, leave your suggestions in the comments, and we will add it to the list!

Internet marketing: SEO, advertising, SMM, increasing conversion, monitoring of prices

Serpstat — a multifunctional platform for digital professionals. It's more than 30 tools that help agencies and specialists complete site analysis, collect semantics, analyze links, perform auditing, cluster, monitor positions on a daily basis, and customize advertising.

Ahrefs — an all-in-one SEO service that includes a universal set of tools for specialists of different levels: from beginners to professionals.

Netpeak Software — includes two desktop instruments: Netpeak Spider (a program that finds issues on site) and Netpeak Checker (a program that parses SERPs).

YouScan — a platform of social networks based on artificial intelligence and the ability to recognize images. — a platform that helps automate the customer's path from the first click to the target action.

Admixer — these are the products that offer modern solutions for advertising management, data analysis, and the use of niche demand.

Attack Index — a service that helps fight information attacks. AI uses Big Data, Attack Index analytics algorithms, data collection, and visualization tools.

Clickky — a platform for advertisers and publishers. The Clickky team is developing its own SSP and RTB Marketplace.

Getpin — a platform that combines eight areas of online presence: reviews, lists and announcements, advertising, social networks, websites, SEO, and statistics.

Rontar — a service for launching Native Acquisition campaigns and targeted advertising.
Influ2 — a marketing platform for B2B companies that helps optimize advertising and build relationships with the client.

LOOQME — a platform for tracking and assessing the informational activity of brands, companies and individuals online or offline, social media for business growth.

OWOX — a software that specializes in products and services for web-analytics and attribution.

Plerdy — a SaaS platform for comprehensive work on increasing the conversion of the site or online store.

dwisely — a tool for running fully automated advertising on Facebook and Google.

Sitechecker — a solid SEO tool for the fast and complete site audit.

uXprice — a service for monitoring the prices in online stores of competitors.

PromoRepublic — an all-in-one local marketing platform that provides the insights and tools to manage social networks, maintain brand integrity, increase its accessibility and reputation on the Internet.

Sales, CRM

Sales Creatio — a product for professional sales management
in companies of any size and business model.

SalesDrive — CRM system for online shops.

LiraCRM — a system aimed at increasing the enterprise's productivity and improving the quality of customer service.

Comindwork — a platform for project management, CRM, support, invoicing, data consolidation, communication with colleagues, customers, and partners.

CleverBox CRM — CRM system for beauty salons, clinics, and SPA.

NetHunt CRM
— Gmail CRM for sales and marketing.

— an easy-to-use CRM system for small businesses: beauty salons, clinics, SPA, dentistry, car service stations, solariums, etc.

— CRM system for real estate companies.

— CRM system for beauty salons.

EstOffice — CRM system for residential real estate developers.

— a platform for contact centers that allows you to improve the quality of customer service and increase sales.

Sunflower — an omnichannel marketing system for business.

Snovio — a set of CRM tools for business.

GrainTrack — a web-based CTRM system for grain trading companies to manage counterparties, contracts, supply chain, logistics, payments, and documents.

Gincore — a complete set of tools to automate and manage the service center: manage orders, sales, customers, and finances.

Telephony, PBX

Binotel — a virtual PBX (Automatic Telephone Station): call tracking, call center, CRM system, callback function, WIRE.

Ringostat — a platform for call tracking, telephony and end-to-end analytics.

— a cloud telephony service that allows you to create a telecommunications infrastructure for your business without unnecessary equipment and wires.

Оки-Токи — a platform for organizing the work of call centers.

Phonet — a service that allows you to organize telephony for business: accounting and recording of all calls, free corporate communication, multichannel numbers, voice greetings, integration of telephony with CRM, and much more.

Intelco — a tool based on a virtual telephone system that automatically processes incoming calls, interactively using pre-prepared response scripts, and makes a connection with a specific department or employee of the company.

— IP telephony for business: analytics, management, automation.

CloudCalls — a cloud-based PBX system that serves as a supplement to business relations.

Email, newsletters

eSputnik — an omnichannel B2C marketing automation service. Its main direction is email marketing. eSputnik also conducts SMS, Viber, Mob Push, Web Push, Telegram, and WhatsApp mailings.

Stripo — a universal platform for creating HTML cheat sheets.

SendPulse — an email automation service, Web Push, SMS, Viber mailings, and Facebook chatbots.

SMS-fly — SMS-mailing service for business.

Reply — a sales platform that helps automate and scale multichannel coverage so that you can generate more leads, attract new customers, and increase revenue faster. — a newsletter automation service for blogs and news portals.

NEWOLDSTAMP — an email signatures marketing platform that turns every employees' email into a powerful marketing tool.

Communication: messengers, online conferences, chats, webinars

MyChat — LAN Chat messenger.

Proficonf — a video conferencing service. — a platform for webinars.

ActiveChat — a platform for creating a full-fledged contact center with artificial intelligence.

BSG — a multichannel platform that helps build communication with customers via SMS, e-mail, and such messengers as Viber.

Slack — a corporate messenger and the only platform for your team's work.

HelpCrunch — an all-around customer communication platform combining modern live chat, in-app messenger, auto messaging, ticketing, and email automation.

LiveReacting — a service that provides you with interactive templates for Facebook Live. — a service that allows users to create personal pages with all possible means of communication: profiles in Skype, Telegram, WhatsApp, and other messengers.

NLSQL — a new piece of tech that helps people query data from a database using natural language.

Intermedia Anymeeting — a video conferencing platform for small and large businesses.

Website builders

Weblium — a universal site builder for any kind of business.

Wix — a cloud-based platform for making websites.

Rademade — a service for developing marketplaces and eCommerce platforms, CRM and ERP systems, mobile applications, and other customized software.

Small business, online shopping

Horoshop — a website builder platform for launching online stores.

Recommerce — a service that helps you create an online store without the help of a programmer and a designer.

Shop-Express — an online store builder.

SellBe — SaaS service for creating online stores.

Hubber — a platform for selling goods via online marketplaces.

fesh. — a free online store builder.

Business automation

Poster — POS-system to simplify the restaurant business: online cash register, warehouse, finance, analytics, and CRM.

SmartTouch POS — a business management system. Automation of cafés, restaurants, and shops.

ABM Retail — an inventory management system that helps maintain a balance between the availability of the necessary goods and minimum stocks.

ABM Cloud — a system for optimizing and supporting the supply process.

EasyMS PMS — a cloud system for hotel management.

ForRestPOS — a solution for trade management and warehousing.

HugeProfit — SaaS for small businesses that simplifies the accounting procedures: finances, goods, sales, and deliveries.

Planner Office — SaaS service for managing construction and engineering projects.

ANT-Logistics — a transport management platform for business.

Competera — a service for realtors that helps establish and maintain adequate real estate prices.

Octobus — a service for bus transportation management.

POS Jam — an automation program for coffee houses, shops, or chain stores.

SkyService — an automation service for shops, cafés, delivery services, restaurants, warehouses, productions, or other services. — the largest platform for public and commercial bidding.

Eqman — a platform for accounting of inventory, tools, equipment, and consumables.

E-Commerce, website hits

ApiWay — a codeless integration platform for Facebook and TikTok advertising experts.

ApiX-Drive — an online connector of services and applications.

ARena — a service for using the possibilities of augmented reality in your business.

Multisearch — a service used to create a smart search on the website.

ARbrowser — a platform that provides software service, 3D models, and 360 visualizations to start furniture selling with Augmented Reality technology.
3DLOOK — a global leader in AI-first mobile body measuring and fit solutions.

Accounting, reporting, documents

Діловод — an online service for management, accounting, and reporting.

iFin — a platform for electronic reporting.

Таксер — a service for online accounting, tax calendar and reporting.

Вчасно — a service for electronic document exchange.

SmartDoc — a contract builder developed by legal practitioners.

FlyDoc — a service for electronic document management (BAS) that allows exchanging documents with other users of FlyDoc, M.E.Doc, СОТА, FREDO.

FINMAP — a service that helps keep documentation and money accounting for modern business.

e-Docs — a platform for document exchange of different levels: personnel, contractual, procurement, and accountancy.

Finmaxi — an outsourced accounting service for entrepreneurs and companies.

Дебет Плюс — software for automation of accounting and financial reporting.

BOOKKEEPER — a platform for electronic accounting and reporting.

M.E.Doc — a service for financial reporting and instant exchange of electronic documents.

MASTER:Бухгалтерія — software for integrated accounting in small and medium enterprises. It includes configurations for accounting in budget organizations, agricultural enterprises, and personnel accounting.

Content: images, photos, editors, videos, texts

Depositphotos — an established photo agency that offers a varied catalog of stock photos, vectors, videos, music, and more, at low prices and with convenient buying options.

VistaCreate — (ex- Crello) is a graphic design platform where anyone can quickly create engaging projects for any industry or occasion.

InvariVersum — a valuable tool for finding partial and complete video duplicates. — a software working on top of Google Drive and Amazon S3 managing media assets' library without additional storage charges.

Grammarly — a real-time grammar, spelling, and plagiarism checker that makes writing understandable for readers.

Bannerboo — a service that allows marketers to create, automate and accelerate ad campaigns using innovative ad formats.

HR, staff recruitment

Hurma System — an all-in-one solution that automates all aspects of work with staff: HR and OKR.

CleverStaff — a special service for optimizing the process of recruitment.

CommyStaff — a solution for automating surveys and regular feedback. It includes chatbots for setting and controlling tasks, receiving applications, accounting for working hours, automation of recruitment, and the process of adaptation of employees.

SignalHire — a tool designed specifically for recruiters, sales professionals, and marketers. It helps in finding valid e-mail addresses and telephone numbers.

TalentScan.Pro — an artificial intelligence personal assistant that helps in finding talented staff.


Payment systems Limited — a multifunctional payment hub for online businesses and payment institutions. — a fully-fledged White-Label digital payment platform for financial companies and banks.

Medical care

Uwell — a new type of insurance company that provides medical care and helps clients save up to 30% on medical costs. We specialize in providing our services to IT teams in Ukraine and Europe.


Yaware — a time tracking software that operates in real-time to increase the productivity of each employee and the company as a whole.

Waytobi — a SaaS cloud-based solution to create, track, report, analyze and visualize your company or department KPIs.

Project management

Worksection — a universal system for project and task management with a function that helps control employees.

Employee and user training

AcademyOcean — an LMS system that helps businesses automate training for employees, customers, and partners in an interactive way.


KeepSolid — a platform that provides iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, Web applications, and high-load server solutions. These include KeepSolid VPN Unlimited (VPN service without a speed limit of Internet connection), Roadmap Planner (an application for Roadmap building), Private Browser (a browser that provides complete anonymity on the Internet), and others.

Video surveillance

iViport — a cloud-based video surveillance solution.


Horrific photos of the Bucha massacre in Ukraine have shocked the world. And there are more ruined cities and killed civilians the global community will discover because the genocide of Ukrainians continues.

It can be prevented not only by economic sanctions, gas and oil embargo, and providing Ukraine with heavy weapons but also by stopping powering the Russian economy and supporting Ukraine instead.

Russia uses the taxes from business income to finance the war, and every missile that destroys the Ukrainians’ homes is purchased for the profit of Russian companies, including software developers. The financing of Russian aggression should be stopped.

That is why a group of Ukrainian volunteers from Ukraine-based Netpeak Agency released a project called #ReplaceRUwithUA, a list of popular Russia-based SaaS and 100% Ukrainian alternatives. The main point is to list Russian software products and appeal to users worldwide to stop using bloody services and switch to Ukrainian alternatives.

We ask you to support the initiative and ask your readers to do the same. Thus, they can stop supporting Russian aggression and genocide of Ukrainians through software subscriptions. And instead, help Ukrainian defend their lives and rights and keep all the values that humanity holds dear.
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