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SEO 6 min read October 16, 2018

Serpstat Research: Quarterly Index Of Site Visibility [Infographic]

Serpstat Research: Quarterly Index Of Site Visibility [Infographic]
Serpstat Research: Quarterly Index Of Site Visibility [Study] 16261788175670
Stacy Mine
Editor at Serpstat
It's essential not only to know how your website ranks in search results but also to track market share in the relevant niche in a particular case. SEO experts believe that calculating visibility is the best way to measure results. We carried out the research to determine which domains are the most popular in search engines and what market share they have in the corresponding niches.

How was the research carried out?

For our research we selected the following popular niches:

  • Air tickets
  • Electronics
  • Clothing
  • Real Estate
  • Cars
  • General Merch

To identify the leaders of the niche, we collected 10,000 keywords for each topic and reviewed the results of Google search. Brand queries were not included in the analysis. To determine which domains are at the top of the market for the most important niches, we used the Serpstat Rank Tracker tool.

We compared domains by visibility, traffic, and the number of keywords. Domains in all selected niches were compared with their direct competitors in the mobile and desktop search. This gave us a bright overview of the competition level.

Domains such as Wikipedia or Youtube have a huge number of keywords in various fields and occupy leading positions in several niches, therefore we excluded them from the research. On the other hand, we believe that sites like Amazon or Ebay, which are hypermarkets, should be displayed in all niches. We believe that it's important to compare the visibility of market leaders with such giants to assess the current level of competition. We also analyzed the General Merch niche to show the visibility and traffic of the domains compared.

The results of the study are presented for desktop and mobile search in the infographics below.

Air tickets trends

Flight search and booking platforms and are at the top of the rankings (in mobile and desktop search, respectively), although they don't have the maximum visibility and the number of keywords in a niche. One of the possible reasons for this is that they are displayed by the most popular queries in the search results. has the leading position in mobile and desktop search.

Electronics trends

The undisputed leader in the niche according to visibility, traffic and the number of keywords is the giant takes the second position in desktop and mobile search.

    Clothing trends

    The leader here is online store which also receives maximum traffic in mobile and desktop search. Clear leading positions are also occupied by large online stores, such as and

    Real estate trends

    As for market share, the site for buying or renting has an advantage over competitors. However, depending on other key indicators, the advertising platform ranks first in the niche.

    Cars trends

    The site is the undoubted leader in the niche both in desktop and mobile search. However, is the leader according to traffic and keywords. is the most "invisible" site.

    General merch trends

    General merch niche includes the largest online stores offering a diverse range of goods. leads the market share in the desktop. and are among the market leaders.

    What did we include?

    Visibility. Site visibility shows how popular a site is in search engines compared to its competitors. It is based on the positions of the site in search results. In other words, visibility is how much the site is "visible" in the search. The greater the visibility of the site is, the more visits it receives. It is impossible to name the ideal visibility rate since it depends on several factors.
    Market share. Another important indicator that we took into account during the research is the market share of the website. With the help of Serpstat, we can determine the market share compared to direct competitors and explore the whole niche, not just one site. As a result, we're able to see statistics on the competitiveness of the niche.
    I hope that this research was interesting for you! We're going to carry out such quarterly indexes once in three months to highlight the leaders of the most popular niches. If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments, and we'll be glad to answer them!

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