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How to arrange a product card in the online store

Properly executed product card is a way to attract and retain the customer's attention, giving him all the necessary information and evidence that making a purchase is most profitable in this online store. Illiterate clearance of product leads visitors to competitors.

Rules for issuing a product card

A product card is all that a customer sees on a product or service page before ordering. This includes a description of the product, specifications, photos, reviews, comparison with analogues, and so on.

Competently executed product card should take into account many nuances that affect the user's decision to purchase. Pay special attention to the product description and the use of media content.

Completeness of the information

The description should answer all possible questions of the client about the product. Based on this, the requirements for the volume of texts are formed — as a rule, texts of 500-1000 characters are used in the commodity cards.

If the product specificity requires a longer description, the volume is substantially increased, to provide information about all the characteristics and features of the product. For clarity, below is a fragment description soundbar from the online store:
Product description in the online store
Mandatory information in the product card:

● manufacturer — country, company, brand;

● full name, model, nomenclature;

● technical characteristics — for electrical products and household appliances;

● product size — all the data that is needed, based on the characteristics of the product. For clothes and shoes — the size in various international systems, the length, width of the product;

● material or composition of which the product is made, the features of its operation;

● availability of goods in other colors. If the site does not implement the ability to select colors from the drop-down list on one page, then provide links to the same products of other colors;

● terms of payment, delivery, return and exchange of goods;

● certificates for the products;

● availability of warranty service.

Requirements for the texts

Informative and literacy. Spelling and syntax errors, stylistic problems and jargon are not allowed. Even without verification tools, it is clear that there should not be such texts on the site:
Low-quality description example
Uniqueness. Search engines reduce sites with non-unique content and, in some cases, might even remove such pages from the index. Create unique texts as in relation to other descriptions on the website and sites of competitors. Check uniqueness with the help of anti-plagiarism services.
SEO optimization. Add to the descriptions of the necessary keywords in the right quantity, while watching for the lack of re-spam, clarity and naturalness of the text. You can check the quality of the text optimization using Serpstat's Text Analytics.
Originality. Avoid both dry patterned and irrelevantly enthusiastic descriptions to motivate the user to become a buyer.

Use a unique selling proposition in the texts, convincing the visitor that this online store has the best purchase conditions. This may be a low promotional price, fast free shipping and expert advice on products, favorable conditions for warranty service and bonus programs.

This example shows the specified price guarantee, displayed positive feedback, delivery time:
High-quality product card example

Media content

High-quality photos and video materials play a major role in the decision to make a purchase. Add photos of high-resolution products from different angles, implement the ability to zoom, to view small details, texture of fabric, seams:
Product photo in the online store
If an online store sells clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories, then product photos on models are desirable. At the same time, specify the height, weight, options of the model and the size of the clothes that it demonstrates.

For customers, video reviews showing the characteristics of the product use are also important. For this purpose, you can create a YouTube channel in which information about the product will be interestingly presented, or use the video of the manufacturer:
Photos and videos in the product's description

Additional functionality of the online store

For more convenience in using the online store, implement the following functions on the website:

"Breadcrumbs" for each card — the path to the product through categories and subcategories, which will allow the client to easily return to the desired section of the site:
Breadcrumbs in the online store
Reviews and rating — one of the key points that users pay attention to is the availability of detailed reviews and ratings goods. It is important to correctly respond to negative reviews, quickly responding to a disgruntled customer and trying to solve his problem.

Related products — a block with recommendations to purchase other products in addition to the product. Protective glass to the phone, batteries for the electronic toy, a bag for a laptop or accessories to the dress. Discounts on the purchase of such kits have a positive effect:
Frequently purchased together module in the store
● "Wish list" — having a personal account with a list of selected products allows the client to plan purchases for the future and increase the chances of returning it to the site.

List of previously viewed products — the users, after switching to other products, often want to return to the products that were previously viewed.

Product comparison function is a convenient option to assist in the selection of electronics and home appliances, which have many technical characteristics.

"Share" button in the mobile version of the site, which allows you to send a product card using a social network and instant messenger, is a good option to increase conversion due to product recommendations made by clients for friends and family.

Ways to interact with customers

● The customer should have quick access to the seller for online consultation — add an online chat or callback order form:
Online support chat in the store
● The buttons "Report price reduction" and "Write about the appearance of the products" will help to get the contact details of the user. When reducing the cost and the appearance of a missing product, send the customer a letter inviting him to visit the website.

● Pay attention to the product card design — the button "Buy" should be large and contrast in color, and make the ordering process as simple and fast as possible.

● Considering that not all visitors are set to purchase a particular product, there is a way to increase the price of their purchase: the placement of the product up-sell — a block of more expensive models.

● Use personalization — when returning to the customer website who has already made a purchase, consider the information about this product. For example, if a customer purchased an electric furnace, offer him a set of baking molds when he visits.

If you do not have the resources to deal with the design of the cards manually, and there is no possibility to create an automated system — use ready-made solutions for CMS.

For example, in Joomla you can create an online store using extensions Virtuemart and JoomShopping plugin created for WordPress WooCommerce. In CMS OpenCart, the product card is issued directly in the admin panel, but if you lack the basic functionality, there are also special modules.

Checking the effectiveness of commodity cards

The fastest way to check the product card for quality is to use the STM formula. Apply A / B testing to evaluate actual results from innovations.

STM formula

To independently evaluate the product card — use the STM formula. To do this, evaluate three criteria:

  1. Satisfaction. Is all the necessary information about the product and the process of its purchase, both in text and visual formats, made?
  2. Trust. Does the online store inspire confidence, convincing that it has safe payment terms and high-quality goods?
  3. Motivation. Is there a pronounced call to action, prompting to make a purchase right here and now?

A / B testing

When changing the interface, use A / B testing to improve the required indicators in the project. The testing essence is that the site's audience is divided randomly into two groups.

The control group "A" shows the original version of the website, and the modified version is tested on the group "B". Then the obtained results are analyzed in both groups, and the decision is made on the expediency of the planned changes.


When making a product card template, consider the following points:
Create detailed, competent, optimized and understandable descriptions of products. Put yourself in the place of a potential buyer and think about what information he would like to receive before making a purchase.
Use a sufficient number of photos and videos showing the features of the product.
Add effective additional functions to the site — recommendations of goods to purchase, sets of products "Together cheaper", reviews and ratings.
Stay in touch with the client — use the online chat, send letters with information about the receipt of the right product or promotional price reduction.
Analyze product cards, think about what changes need to be implemented on the site and conduct A / B testing of innovations to achieve an optimal result.

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