What is the best way to engage with a new audience through Serpstat collaboration?

If you're still reading this, you most likely have a wealth of knowledge in digital marketing and want to share it with a new audience.

I suggest you learn more about the capabilities of Serpstat to implement your idea and get the maximum satisfaction and benefit from our cooperation.
Hello✋, I'm Daria, and I would be glad to carry you through Serpstat collaboration opportunities.

I've spent a long time working with charitable organizations, which has taught me how to communicate complicated concepts in simple terms. I joined the Serpstat team in 2022, where I'm engaged in content collaborations with influencers, blogs, and media in the SEO, PPC, and content marketing field.
Content marketing
My contacts
Our target audience is diverse
As well, we have a blog that we are constantly updating with helpful content. We publish articles about SEO, SEM, Marketing, and so forth.

What is Serpstat?

Serpstat is a platform for marketing teams and experts working to increase the visibility of their websites in search engines.
SMBs and freelancers
enterprise in-house teams and agencies

What are the benefits of collaborating with Serpstat?

You can get backlinks as an author or special guest of our blog. While we reserve the right to list such backlinks as "no-follow," we guarantee one "do-follow" link in the author information section. You can choose what kind of link it will be.
Quality backlinks
We offer various activities you can join in, from guest posts to webinars. This allows you to choose the best format and reach a wider audience.
Opportunity to participate in different activities
Our base is filled by our clients and blog readers. Newsletters are published weekly for different audience segments. Open Rate: 27-30%. Clickability: 2-4%.
Our blog is read by marketing experts worldwide, for whom you can become a real tutor. It also allows you to increase your visibility and company image.
Being mentioned in our social networks, it's a great opportunity to increase your visibility. All news is published on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
newsletter subscribers
active blog readers monthly
subscribers in each of the social networks

How can you join our blog?

We value your unique expertise and bold marketing approach. To better understand your strengths, we will first have a brief conversation. Based on that, our editorial team chooses a topic and prepares questions for you to respond to. Your answers will be used in the thematic article.
Share your experience in an interview
Contribute as a guest author
You undoubtedly have something to share with our readers, and a guest post is one way to do it. From the most basic to the most complicated themes, our readers are interested in a wide range of subjects. So feel free to offer your perspective on content.

To get the best results, we'll discuss the topics and choose the most appropriate one.
The articles from guest authors also include a section with information about them and links to their website(s).
Each author has a personal page with a bio and social media links, as well as a list of articles published on the Serpstat blog.
The Serpstat team loves large-scale studies! Our pieces are based on Serpstat data or the results of surveys we conduct. Research topics can be diverse: from search query trends to research on a particular field.

Experts who provide their contacts have rare opportunities to voice their opinions on a topic and participate in the content creation process.
Become a blog expert
The experts are announced at the beginning of the article, along with information about them and links to their websites.
Currently, I'm researching the state of link building for our blog. Its main purpose is to find out if link building is still important in 2022, what methods and tactics bring the most results, and so on.

Feel free to share your experiences in link building. Also, the survey results will be commented on by the experts. You can join by leaving a contact in the form.

Have an idea for a collaboration?

Contact me

What happens to an article after publication?

The fate of content can hardly leave its authors indifferent. That's why our editorial team ensures that as many people see the article after publication.

For this purpose we:
Send thematic and digest newsletters to our readers.
Publish articles on our social networks and distribute them to specialized groups.
Distribute the most exciting materials on external media.
Interested in cooperation?
What're we expecting from you?
Posts should bring value to the audience.
Topics: SEO, SEM, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, and other topics relevant to Serpstat channels.

How to get into
Serpstat social media?

We suggest publishing partners' posts on the following Serpstat channels:
Post types: tips, guides, cases, results of the research, news in the field, or updates of the services or products.
We don't accept posts promoting tools that perform the same functions as Serpstat.
Contact Olena Prokhoda
The following experts were our Special Guests, and they really enjoyed that:
What’re we expecting from you?
Why might you need that?
Being a Special Guest of #serpstat_chat on Twitter is a great opportunity to:

How to become a Special Guest at

We're conducting the chats every Thursday at 2 PM ET, they last for 1 hour on our Twitter channel by hashtag #serpstat_chat.
A Twitter Account dedicated to SEO or other Digital Marketing topic with 1k+ followers
Share your materials on the featured topic to the right audience
Increase awareness about your brand and contribute to your image
Be featured on Serpstat Blog as we put the #serpstat_chat materials in the new article
Hang out and have a great time!
Develop your networking with SEO & Digital Marketing experts
Willingness to share your knowledge & interact with other participants
Interested? Contact @Serpstat on Twitter or Olena Prokhoda

How to become a Speaker at Serpstat Webinar?

Serpstat Webinars are online events for SEOs & Digital Marketing specialists. Attendees can gain new, actionable knowledge and receive answers to their questions from experts with a wealth of practical experience in different aspects of digital marketing.

  • We conduct them twice a month.
  • Time - 1 pm ET | 10 am PT
  • Duration - 1 hour
Our Speakers who have already taken advantage of the opportunity:
Why becoming a Speaker may be a great choice?
It's your chance to
Do you have expertise in SEO, Content Marketing, SEM, or other Digital Marketing branch? Are you following 3k+ people on Twitter or LinkedIn? Is Sharing proven practices & ideas in real-time something you enjoy doing?

If so, hurry up to contact Olena Prokhoda o.prokhoda@serpstat.com to agree on the topic and book a free date!
Make new friends and have fun!
Increase your brand awareness and contribute to your image
Share your materials on the featured topic to the engaged audience
Tell the potential leads about your services' webinar materials in the new article

Do you have any other thoughts?

Contact me via d.ahieieva@serpstat.com.
Let's discuss your ideas!
Open support chat

Introducing Serpstat

Find out about the main features of the service in a convenient way for you!

Please send a request, and our specialist will offer you education options: a personal demonstration, a trial period, or materials for self-study and increasing expertise — everything for a comfortable start to work with Serpstat.




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