How To Find Common Site Links: The Serpstat Links Intersect

Looking for relevant sites to link to your site? Use Links Intersect Serpstat'sTool and other link analysis tools to compare the link weight of multiple domains.
Test the tool for free by leaving a request for consultation and find missed opportunities for your strategy:

Search for competitor donors: how to find external links of any site?

Not sure which sites competitors in your niche are linking to? Analyze a competitor’s domain and get a ready-made technical specification for your link building strategy. To check a competitor’s site and collect a list of sites that link to it, go through the free registration and pick up a list of external links.

Get a list of your competitors' links that will definitely fit your site

Do you analyze the links of each competitor separately and look for matches manually? With help of the competitors donor links crossing, perform parallel comparison of the reference mass of multiple domains and find common and unique donors for each site analyzed.
You will receive information in two formats:
tabular - with accurate data on the number of referring domains for each competitor
visual, in the form of Euler circles

Domain help: how to check link parameters in bulk?

Do you want to do cross-link analysis and find out the main parameters of your competitors? Use Domain Batch Analysis to analyze an entire list of competitors by link parameters:
Image Links
Redirect Links
Text references
Nofollow Links
Referring Subnets
Referring IP Addresses
Referring Pages
Referring Domains
Domain Rank

How often do Serpstat crawlers check URLs?

Reference Index Serpstat Crawlers regularly add new links, and update the data on the existing URL. If some of your links are not displayed in reports, you can speed up the process.
Click on the spider in any Link Analysis report and upload a list of your pages for crawling. After a while, you will receive fresh data from Serpstat bots.

Settings for filtering and report displaying

Serpstat’s Donor Crossing allows a flexible approach to donor comparison. Compare two to three sites, find common donor domains, determine the domain authority level on a scale from 0 to 100, analyze the site’s link profile and the volume of links from the donor domain to the analyzed domains.
Report data can be downloaded in any convenient format — from Excel-table to CSV.

The tasks that can be solved using Serpstat Links intersect

Hit quality and relevant sites for placement of links
Get a list of common and unique donors of your site and competitors
Automate technical tasks for link building
The largest Google SERP data and own link index:

Serpstat Key Benefits

1.69 В
28,86 М
5.2 В
Google databases
952 В
referring domains
168 М
Save resources by placing links only on the sites from which you will get the most trust and traffic to your site. Collect the best ideas about competing donors for your projects using Serpstat's Link Intersect tool. Learn all about the tool, sign up for a free demo of link analysis capabilities.

Build an effective link strategy, to increase traffic and differentiate yourself from competitors

FAQ. Common questions about link parsing:

What is link analysis?

Link analysis is an audit that provides complete information about the volume of external and internal links domain, as well as URL links and text environment. Regular link analysis will allow you to check how effectively links are doing their job.

How do I know where competitors are buying links?

Get a list of sites where a competitor has posted their links (this can be done using the Donor Crossing tool). Then follow the links and view the content of articles posted by donors. Depending on the quality of the content - determine whether this link is purchased or obtained as a result of an agreement.

How to check the quality of the link donor?

If you want to check the quality of link donors, you need to evaluate the site for compliance with a number of parameters: Site traffic volume audience geography; trust level of the site; spam level of the site; link profile dynamics Depending on the scores for these items, you can determine the quality of the link donor.

What is a link donor domain?

The donor domain is a resource , which contains links to the promoted site. They are used to increase link mass and have a positive effect on ranking if the donor is of high quality.

How to find donors for links?

Link donors can be found on specialized exchanges. Also on forums in question-answer format (crowd links) and buying links from webmasters directly.

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