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Custom reports

The custom report allows you to customize a dashboard for a project with data from all modules and export this dashboard to PDF.
With user report you can build a dashboard by domain or by one of the projects you created:Custom reports 16261788834242

1) Enter the domain site name in the format;
2) Select a database for which data from search analytics is shown;
3) If you already have created projects, you can select them in the menu;
You can create a project according to a premade template.

Data from Rank tracker and Site audit can be seen in the report only if a project is created and launched in the list of projects. Data from Audit and Rank tracker is shown for 1 month.
Custom reports 16261788834242

After creating a report you can:
1) Select one of the existing projects;
2) Analyze any domain;
3) Select a database to display data from search analytics;
4) Save a new template or apply the existing one;
5) Copy the link to the current template;
6) Export the report;
7) Edit the title and description of the report.

Block operations

Custom reports 16261788834242

Using the block menu, you can:
- Remove blocks from the report and add to the report; move them up and down.
- Remove and add blocks to the report via the side menu.

The blocks added to the report in the side menu of the custom reports are highlighted with a green check-box.
For all blocks, except for the title blocks, text, and page break, when you click on the item highlighted with a green check-box in the add blocks menu, the corresponding block is removed from the report.
All blocks, except for the title sheet, are added to the end of the report by default. The cover sheet block is always added to the beginning of the report.

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