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When someone you refer to us orders an account, you'll earn commission not only on the initial sale, but also on any recurring payments they make. Commission checks are sent monthly

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Get up to 30% for every payment through your referral link. The more people that purchase on Serpstat by following your link, the higher your rate of payout to your Bonus Account will be.

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When you become an affiliate, we'll provide you with an affiliate ID, so you always know who helps you make the money. Real-time reporting is available 24/7

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The amount earned through Affiliate Program will be multiplied by 1.5. That means that if you have $50 in your Bonus Account, it will count for $75 when paying for your subscription.

Our support and sales teams will take a good care of your leads and provide services that your referees need.

We provide absolutely unique tools that nobody does

In-depth URL Analysis
Serpstat is the first page-oriented platform for a deep competitive analysis that helps you find missing keywords for URL.
Insights on Search Questions
Research niche questions and find ideas for creating traffic-driving content.
"Tree-view" Keywords Distribution
Improve your site second-page rankings with the Tree-view algorithm and gain more traffic.
Cluster Research
Discover all search terms and phrases that are semantically connected to the queried keyword, sharing identical pages in SERP.
Robust Filters
Set your own parameters and get exactly what you’re looking for. Our advanced filters are the best on the market.
* Please note that you won’t receive a bonus if you pay for your own subscription by following your own referral link.

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