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Serpstat Affiliate Program
Earn up to 30% recurring commission
for Serpstat subscription sales

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Join us
Advertise our tool
Get bonuses
Easy to start:

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from first and all next payments via your link
in your blog, social media, and other platforms
to get access to promo materials and participation in the program
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Each user who pays for Serpstat subscription the first time via your link or promocode is assigned to you. The first and all next payments would bring you bonuses.
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Our advantages:
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Lifetime bonuses from all the payments made via your referrals.
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Possibility to spend your bonuses on any Serpstat plan with a considerable discount.
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The minimum threshold for money withdrawal is only $50.
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Weekly payments without delays.
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Perks for you: personal landing pages, promo materials, support by your personal manager at all the stages.

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Perks for your audience: discounts and trial accesses to Serpstat tools.
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We have three teams who care about your leads: Sales, Customers Success, and Support.
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We organizing processes of education and onboarding for your leads.
The affiliate program will fit if you are:
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A blogger
Who creates content about digital marketing
An agency
An owner or a teammate of SEO, PPC or marketing agency
A freelancer
With an extensive network of contacts
Educational center
Lecturer or owner of courses or schools that specialized in SEO and PPC
Sandeep Mallya
"If you love using Serpstat, you must join Serpstat's affiliate program. You can use your knowledge and expertise of the tool to generate awareness about Serpstat and earn up to 30% commission for every sale. As a Serpstat affiliate, you'll also get access to a ton of promotional content to assist you in your affiliate marketing efforts."
"We've only mentioned SERPstat in a few blog posts and have made great revenue using their affiliate program. People like them and the payout is fair. Thumbs up!"
Gael Breton
"Serpstat is superior to any other SEO toolkit. It also offers an amazing affiliate program that helps you earn recurring money for lifetime. If you're looking for a powerful all in one SEO tool to promote, you should definitely sign up for their affiliate program."
Anil Agarwal
Our top-partners' testimonials:
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Blogger at
Companies we are proud to call our clients:
How many bonuses will I get?
For a start, you'll get a 5% commission. Your commission rate depends on the number of first payments that your users make. Step by step, you'll achieve a 30% commission.

  • 10% from 1st to 5th payment;
  • 20% from 5th to 20th payment;
  • 30% from 21nd first payment
You'll move to the next step automatically.
Learn more here.
Are there any particular features in the process of commission accrual?
We are interested in increasing the number of new users.
The commission rate can not only increase but also decrease.
Rate decrease could be in case if there were no new users via your referral link for one year.
For example, your commission rate is 30%. During the last 365 days, there weren't new Serpstat users who bought a tool via your link.
In that case, your commission rate will decrease on one stage, so you'll get a 20% commission rate.
How and when will I get my bonuses?
You can request payout upon reaching a minimum threshold of $50. The commissions are paid once a week via PayPal or Webmoney.

Don't forget that you can spend your bonuses to buy any Serpstat plan. When you do this, each dollar you spend from your affiliate account is worth $1.50 in Serpstat services.

To make a request, visit this page.
Do you have any promo materials which I can use?
Sure, you can use our affiliate banners. The banners are in the Promo materials section.

Also, you can request to create a personal landing page for you and promo codes for your audience.

Ask our manager about this option.
What can I do in the affiliate program?
You can promote Serpstat in any way that is not prohibited according to our terms.

Most popular ideas for promotion:

  • Content marketing: create posts about our tool for your blog and other platforms;
  • Social Media Marketing: mention Serpstat on your social media and channels;
  • Video reviews: craft video content with the mention of our tool;
  • Transmit your referral link and promo codes directly to your customers and friends.
Are there any restricted affiliate activities?
  1. Buying a Serpstat subscription by following your own referral link.
  2. Running a PPC campaign for queries that include words Serpstat or Prodvigator to advertise your referral link.
  3. Spamming your referral link on forums, communities, social media websites, and in newsletters.
  4. Advertising Serpstat's discounts as your own.
  5. Misleading users, by providing false information about the service.

Find more: Affiliate Agreement
I haven't ever used Serpstat before. How do I know this is a good tool?
Let's get acquainted!
If you want to become our user, fill in the form to get a free demo.

If you only want to be a Serpstat Partner, read our blog and ask our manager for free access to our tool.

Today Serpstat has 200000 users from all over the world. We are proud to call Uber, Samsung, Lenovo, Phillips our customers.

You can entrust us with your audience and be sure that they'll get a convenient tool and perfect service
Ready to start?
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Do you have a question or proposition? Contact us:)
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