Keyword and backlink opportunities, competitors' online strategy, daily rankings and SEO-related issues. A pack of tools for reducing your time on SEO tasks

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Rather than switching between different products, tabs, accounts, and user experiences, let Serpstat unify all of your marketing efforts inside a single platform
Tying it all together
Analysis of Contextual Advertising
Keyword Research
Rank Tracking
Competitor Analysis
Batch Analysis of Keywords and Domains
SERP Crawling
Keyword Trends
Custom Reports
White Label reports
Site Audit
Page Audit
Text Analytics
Keyword Clustering
API and Integration
SERP Crawling
Search Volume
Crawling Service
Backlink Analysis
Team Management

What you can do with Serpstat

Keyword opportunities
Online competitors
Backlinks tactics
SEO-related issues
Rank tracking
Find keyword recommendations for your website that will drive traffic to your project. See import indicators for every keyword on your list: keyword difficulty, monthly searches, level of competition, price per click and seasonability. Expand your keyword list with related keywords and search suggestions that we collect throught the Internet.

Discover keyword opportunities to get more organic and paid traffic

See all webpages of your online competitors who rank for the same with your keywords. Discover what drives traffic, how many visitors they have, which keywords they rank for, what linkbuilding practices they use, what content performs well, etc. Build a strategy for your website based on competitors data.

Watch for local and international online competitors

Find websites that link to any analysed domain, check the quality of new and lost backlinks, control an anchor list and discover malicious links you need to get rid of. Find linkbuidling ideas, based on your competitors' experience.

Sneak the backlinks tactics of any domain

Schedule automatical audits for your website to control its health. Find issues that prevent you from growing online and proven recommendations on how to fix them. The tool will help you discover more than 60 different types of issues, displayed by priority.

Check and fix SEO-related issues on your website

Set up a rank tracking project and control your market presence on a daily basis. Track all top-100 results in any region and city of Google at no additional cost. Compare your positions to the most relevant competitors and see how positions have been changing.

Track your and your competitors' rankings daily, weekly, and on-demand

Content ideas
Competitor's PPC campaigns
Keyword clustering
Content optimization
Automated reports
Develop a powerful content strategy from research: analyze what your customers ask from Google, create content plan for your blog, control the quality of the texts on your site and see articles that drive traffic.

Find content ideas that drive traffic

See competitor's PPC campaigns and landing pages

Research if your competitors are buying PPC ads, what keywords they're bidding on, what landing pages they are driving paid traffic to and estimate how much they are spanding on PPC.
Keyword clustering helps with planning and optimizing content that targets dozens of similar and related keywords. Create a structure of the future or existing website, grouping a large number of keywords into semantically connected clusters.

Group a large number of keywords to build an SEO-friendly website structure

Get recommendations on optimizing any content on your website for attracting more organic traffic and find issues related to your content on the website. For example, see if your pages are overspammed with keywords.

See if your content is optimized enough to outrank your competitors

Save time on reporting online performance and easily prove the impact of your SEO efforts to your clients and collegues. Add any data to your own fully customized white label reports. Build reports with ready-to-use teamplates and schedule sending.

Get customized and scheduled automated reports right to your inbox

Every day our big data algorithms aggregate stats on 1.3 billion domains, 7 billion keywords, and 1.5 trillion backlinks in 230 regional Google databases

Serpstat is best for:

Business Owners and Team Leads
  • Audit your website and find important technical issues
  • Monitor online rankings and market presence
  • Collect keywords for new and existing pages
  • Find new backlinks opportunities
  • Automatically group tons of keywords into clusters
Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Automate all processes with API on every pricing plan
  • Coordinate your teamwork with the Team Management tool
  • Build and schedule branded reports for your clients
  • Educate your team with our 1-on-1 customer support
  • Research if any website is buying PPC ads
  • Save budget, using a single platform for all processes
  • Plan your work with the Task Management tool
  • Outreach new clients with automated SEO-audit reports
  • Develop a powerful content strategy
  • Use fewer credits with Serpstat's powerful add-on
Business Owners and Team Leads
  • Analyze competitors and find out how they grow
  • Control your site's health and online market presence
  • Build the strategy for growing your presence online
  • Manage the team and see the tasks they've done
  • Check backlinks profile and find new opportunities

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Serpstat customers and tech experts are speaking up on trusted software review sites

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Brian Dean
Serpstat is a solid SEO tool. It’s got all of the features you’d expect from an SEO software suite. And it’s competitively priced compared to its main competitors
Robbie Richards
Serpstat is certainly worth a trial if you are looking for a lower cost tool that can still provide actionable insights and help improve your SEO and PPC campaign performance. Serpstat can be a more cost-effective alternative to some of the industry heavyweights such as SEMrush and Ahrefs.
Craig Campbell
I have found it to be one of the best on the market in terms of Rank tracking. I still to this day use a number of tools but Serpstat seems to bring through accurate results and seems to dig a bit deeper than most of the other tools, this in turn shows more keywords that a website ranks for which results in a much better-looking report for a client.
Ben Rollins
To say that SERPSTAT has been pivotal to the growth of our online store would be an understatement. We frequently log into the dashboard during the week. Whether analyzing our competitors PPC campaigns to find opportunities that we may have overlooked or by sifting through thousands of keywords to determine the next article that takes off, we always seem to be coming back.
Jason Lavis
If I could choose only one SEO tool/ subscription it would be Serpstat. It has everything most webmasters and small SEO firm need and some features are the way better than the competition.

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