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Domain Summary (domain_info)

domain_info  — method provides the number of keywords for which the domain is ranked in SEO and PPC, shows its visibility, traffic and other metrics.

Metrics Description
result Encapsulates the answer
visible Site visibility
keywords The number of keywords found in the chosen search engine
Estimate traffic based on keyword positions and search volume
visible_dynamic Change in visibility since the last update
keywords_dynamic Change in the number of keywords since the last update
traff_dynamic Traffic change over the last n-time (in comparison with ""prev_date"")
date Current visibility, keywords, and traffic verification date
prev_date Previous verification date
new_keywords The number of acquired keywords for the domain since the last update
out_keywords Number of keywords lost by the domain since the last update
rised_keywords Number of domain's keywords which positions have improved since the last update
down_keywords Number of domain's keywords which positions have dropped since the last update
ad_keywords Number of keywords in PPC
ads Number of the PPC ads
ads_dynamic History of changes in PPC Ads
status_msg Response "Ok" or "Error" report on a successful or unsuccessful request
status_code Response code "200" — successful request. Errors occur when limits are exceeded (number of simultaneous requests or account limits)
left_lines API limits remaining

We charge 1  API limit per query.

Example PHP Python
Request data:
Response data:
  "result": {
    "domain": "",
    "visible": 0.08514,
    "keywords": 613,
    "traff": 1327,
    "visible_dynamic": -0.01727,
    "keywords_dynamic": -6,
    "traff_dynamic": -162,
    "ads_dynamic": -2,
    "date": "2019-09-22",
    "new_keywords": 41,
    "out_keywords": 47,
    "rised_keywords": 16,
    "down_keywords": 13,
    "ad_keywords": 78,
    "ads": 50,
    "prev_date": "2019-09-07"
  "status_msg": "OK",
  "status_code": 200,
  "left_lines": 344932

// This example works on serpstat-sdk only

require_once __DIR__ . '/../vendor/autoload.php';
// configure your application
$config = [
    'token' => '19666fc1ae1724da1d5ea2f3a99d5f5a',
$domain = '';
// init client with your serpstat api token
$apiClient = new \Serpstat\Sdk\Core\ApiGuzzleHttpClient($config['token']);
// create instance of any api method class
// list of methods classes in folder src\Methods
$apiMethod = new \Serpstat\Sdk\Methods\DomainInfoMethod(
try {
    // try call api method
    $response = $apiClient->call($apiMethod);
} catch (\Exception $e) {
    // catch api error
    $response = $e->getMessage();

import codecs
import json
import pprint
import urllib.request as urlrequest
from urllib.parse import urlencode

host = ''

method = 'domain_info'
params = {
    'query': '',  # string for get info
    'se': 'g_us',  # string search engine
    'token': 'ijmiom4f5m34905g03um8342dm04923lre3w',  # string personal token

api_url = "{host}/{method}?{params}".format(

    json_data = urlrequest.urlopen(api_url).read()
except Exception as e0:
    print("API request error: {error}".format(error=e0))

data = json.loads(json_data)

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