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User Guide

When clicking on the Positions tool, you’ll be suggested to select a domain from one of the created projects, or create a new project.

Here’s how to create a new project and add keywords for tracking:

Click on Create New Project. Enter the domain’s address, name your project, and click on Create. Serpstat will redirect you to List of Projects. On your project’s dashboard, click on Start Tracking. Serpstat has a guided wizard to help you easily add keywords and set the region for tracking positions.

On the first step you can change the project name, choose whether to include subdomains for rank tracking, and add more domains (for instance, your competitors), which will allow you to compare your positions for the selected keywords with your competitors’ positions. Click Save and then Continue.

On the second step, you can configure the search parameters, such as search engine and search area. Choose the search engine, country and, if necessary, region and city. Click on Add. Multiple search regions and engines for tracking are possible.

Proceed to the third step. Here you can add a list of keywords for tracking. Options include manual adding one-by-one, importing from a file (.csv or .txt), or selecting  from a list of suggested keywords. Note that every keyword must come from a new line. After entering the list of keywords for tracking, click on Add Keywords to finish the adding. Also, you can create a tag for the keywords at the bottom of the page. To move to the next step, click on Continue.

On the fourth step, you can set the ranking update schedule: daily, every 3 days, or every week.

The fifth step allows you to grant access to your projects to another user: click on Invite New User, enter his email and choose the privilege level:user or admin. The User role will allow him to view your project, while the Admin access provides ability to change the project (add new keywods etc). Finally, press Add and go to the next step.

Click Continue on the final step, and you’ll be taken to the Positions report for the created project where you’ll get data on the tracked keywords and domains. On this tab, you can switch between different projects or domains within a particular project, as well as regions and group of phrases.

The bar in the upper part of the report shows the distribution of the tracked keywods based on changes in the domain’s rank for the keywords: not changed, improved, dropped, new (the domain has started ranking for those keywords since the last update), lost (the domain has stopped ranking for those keywords in top-100 since the previous update, and the total number of tracked keywords.

Rank Distribution chart shows the distribution of tracked keywords the domain is ranking for in top 20 search results (as a percentage of the total number of keywords the domain is ranking for in top 20).

With Positions tool, you can add new keywords for tracking, filter the tracked keywords by search volume, domain’s position for the keyword, or export the data on the domain’s rankings.

Vol - the keyword’s monthly search volume.

Pos. - the domain’s position for the keyword as of the last rank update

Dyn - recent changes in the domain’s position for the keyword

History - visual representation of chages in the domain’s ranking for the keyword. The data are clickable.

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