Some options are limited.

If you try to access Positions report in the Rank Tracker tool, you'd be suggested to select one of the existing projects or create a new one for rank tracking.

To create a new project, click on Create new project. Enter the domain name, project name and group name (the last is optional) and click on Create

 Serpstat will take you to the List of Projects. Here you can manage your projects and groups. To set up Rank Tracker, click on Start Tracking on the project dashboard. The wizard will guide you through the tracking setup.

On Step 1 you can name your project, add the project to an existing group or create a new group, choose whether to track subdomains and add competitor domains to track alongside your own for selected keywords. To proceed to the next step, click on Continue.

On Step 2, you can set up search engines to track at global or local levels in any area of the world. Select the search engine (Google or Yandex), the country (mandatory) and region/city (optional). Click on Add. You can track your keywords in multiple locations. To proceed to the next step, click on Continue.

On Step 3 you need to add keywords for tracking. You can add keywords manually (each keyword should come from a new line), import them from a .csv or .txt file or select from suggested keywords. Upon that, click on Add keywords

You create groups for tracked keywords to slice up the rankings data. 

On Step 4, you need to set up the tracking update schedule: daily, every 3 days, or weekly.

On Step 5 you can invite someone to your project - click on Invite new user,  enter their email and select the privileges: User or Admin. User role gives access to viewing a project, while an admin can make changes to the project, for instance managing tracked keywords. Click on Add and proceed to the final step.

On the final step, click on See your project button and you'll be taken to Rank Tracker / Positions where you'll see the rankings for the tracked keywords (updating your positions for the added keywords may take some time). In Positions you can switch among projects and domains, search engines, locations and keyword groups. 

On the upper dashboard you'll see the distribution of tracked keywords into groups based on domain rankings: Total, No change, Improved, Dropped, New and Lost. All figures are clickable and return the corresponding data. You can proceed to the project settings by clicking on Settings in Positions.

Rank Distribution chart shows the distribution of tracked keywords as a percent of the total number of keywords the domain is ranking for in top 20.

If you've created keyword groups, these can selected from the dropdown menu:

In Positions, you can add new keywords to track, delete or filter existing keywords by search volume, domain position etc. The data can be exported in two formats: CSV or XLSX.

Pos. - domain position for a keyword as of the last update. The column includes the rank history comparison against the previous position update.

Volume - keyword monthly search volume.

History - visual representation of domain rank history for a keyword over the tracked period. For details, click on the chart.

+3 days  - switches the rankings data to side-by-side position comparison over the last 3 days.

You can find out your competitor rankings for the tracked keywords by selecting them from the dropdown menu on the upper dashboard

You can get top 100 search results for a tracked keyword by clicking on the keyword in Positions report. In the menu that opens, you can view the top 100 domains for the keyword over the tracked period or click on Show actual SERP to get the cached search results page.  

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