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When you try to access Positions section of the Rank Tracker tool, you'll be suggested to select one of your rank tracking campaigns or create a new one.

To create a new project, click on Create new project. Enter a domain name, project name and group name (the last field is optional), and click on Create

 Serpstat will redirect you to the List of Projects where you can manage rank tracking and site audit campaigns. To set up a Rank Tracker campaign, click on Start Tracking (1) on the project dashboard. The wizard will guide you through the campaign setup.

On Step 1 you can edit the project name, add the project to a group of projects, choose whether to track subdomains, and add competitors to track their rankings alongside your own. To proceed to the next step, click on Continue.

On Step 2, you need to specify the tracked locations. Choose a search engine, country (mandatory) and region/city (optional), and click on Add to confirm. You can track your keywords in multiple locations as well. When you're done with configuring the tracked areas, proceed to the next step by clicking on Continue.

On Step 3 you need to specify keywords you're going to track. You can plug in keywords manually (each keyword should come on a new line), import them in a .csv or .txt file, or choose from suggested keywords. At this stage, you can also assign a target URL and label keywords to work later with groups. When ready, click on Add keywords: 

On Step 4, you can change the rankings update schedule to daily, every 3 days, or weekly. Daily is the default value.

On Step 5 you can invite your teammates or clients to the project — click on Invite new user,  enter their email and select the privileges: User or Admin. User role gives access to viewing a project, while an Admin can make changes to the project, for example, manage tracked keywords. Click on Add and proceed to the final step.

On the final step, click on View the project button and you'll be redirected to the Rank Tracker / Positions tab where you'll see your rankings for the tracked keywords, though it may take some time till we collect the SERPs for new keywords. In Positions you can switch between projects and domains, search engines, locations and keyword groups.

At the top of the page you'll see the Rank Distribution chart and a bar that shows the rankings movements as of the last rankings update: Total, No change, Improved, Dropped, New and Lost — the numbers are clickable.  

 You can access project settings by clicking on Settings.

In Positions, you can add or delete keywords, filter them by a multitude of parameters such as the search volume or domain position, assign target URLs to keywords and label search queries to form groups. 

You may want to compare your rankings over the last 4 days side-by-side —  simply click on the +3 days button.

To view your rankings changes for a particular search query over the last 30 days, click on the chart in the History column.

You might want to compare your rankings with competitor. For this purpose, export your positions, then choose a competitor from the Domain drop-down and export their rankings. Compile the data in a single spreadsheet and you'll be able to view the positions side-by-side. 

To view all the Top 100 search results for a tracked keyword and a snapshot of the entire SERP, click on the necessary keyword and then on View cached page for a specific date:

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