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Serpstat profile

Profile 16261788731569

By using the Profile section, you can see the following:
1. The avatar of the user (can be added by using Gravatar).
2. E-mail address that was used to register an account.
3. Active billing rate.
4. The date of the following limit reset for the following tools: website audit, clustering, text analysis, and Serpstat API.
5. Account ID.
6. Promo code activation button.

Information about the available credits
By using the Profile tab, the user is able to get access to the information about the credits of the current subscription.

Profile 16261788731569

  1. Token to access the API (available for all rates, starting from Plan B).
  2. The maximum numbers of API rows to export.
  3. The number of API requests.
  4. Serpstat plug-in credits.
  5. Credits for the following modules: search analytics, backlinks analysis, website audit, clustering, and text analysis, keywords quality control (green indicator represents the number of unused resources and attempts).

Furthermore, the personal profile page can be used to access the list of last queries in search analytics sections (website analysis and keywords quality control):

Profile 16261788731569