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Valerie Lezhenko

Digital Marketer at Netpeak

Netcomp Solutions is a Managed Service Provider offering IT Support in Brisbane to small-medium businesses. One of the services offered by Netcomp is website optimisation. These days it seems like every other company is offering SEO related services and you might think that the market has become somewhat oversaturated. While it is true that a frightful number of businesses and freelancers now offer these services, it doesn't mean that every website has been optimised and there is no business in this field anymore. Quite the opposite actually.

With more and more businesses making the move to the cloud and building their presence online, ranking your website has never been more important. The problem is that when so many similar businesses exist, all vying to sell the same thing to the same people, search engines need to know who should be on top of those sweet, sweet search results. When it comes to SEO, there are heaps of tools out there to analyze your site. Over the course of our time providing SEO services to local small-medium businesses, we have tried quite a few of the tools out there, and while they tend to get the job done, Serpstat is my favourite SEO tool so far. Everything you need to conduct an SEO audit is built in; from project rank tracking, keyword analysis and competitor analysis, to backlink analysis and site-wide audits, Serpstat has everything we need to conduct a comprehensive audit of a client's site, and see what needs work.

One of the best things about Serpstat for me is the straightforward way things are presented. Running a site audit for example, you get a clear cut list of what problems you have, what pages they are on, and how to fix them. This level of detail, when paired with a standard CMS like WordPress and a good SEO plugin like Yoast basically makes detecting and rectifying any SEO issues on your sites a breeze. When we trialled Serpstat, we ran the site audit feature against our own site to see what it could find. As it happens, a few of our older pages were missing some details which they really should have had, such as explicit description tags. Serpstat was great in pinpointing exactly what needed to be fixed and tracking the improvements and changes between scans. When it comes down to it, in order to be competitive in today's online world, your site needs to be optimised. If you are the one doing the optimisation, chances are you will need tools to do it. We have tried multiple tools, and out of those we have used, none met our needs quite the way Serpstat did. Netcomp Solutions will continue to use Serpstat for our SEO projects thanks to the time-saving and efficiency benefits it brings us. If you are on the look out for a tool to help you with your SEO analysis, I fully suggest you give Serpstat a go.


IT Solutions
I love Serpstat. I can't imagine running my online term life insurance business without it. You will be amazed when you too start using SerpStat. Dollar for Dollar Serpstat gives you a ton. Its competitive analysis is among the very very best.

Scott W Johnson


Serpstat has been a very important tool for my business now, I am able to track keywords & send reports immediately to clients. Their team and videos have been very helpful for me and my clients are loving this tool. Detail analysis and tracking are very powerful, keeping watch on your competition is always helpful. Serpstat do nice job in that and I would like to thank their team for making this great product.

Jitendra Vaswani

Digital Marketing Consultant

SERPSTAT has been such a great experience. Every week I'm learning something new and helpful about their analytics tools. Their videos and blog posts have been very useful in understanding all of their features. It's great for competitor and keyword analysis and has even helped me with finding blog topics. Thank you SERPSTAT for putting out a great product!

Michael Quinn

Serpstat has been great for finding how your competition is measuring up. This tool is a must because it shows you the organic results on google and the advertising ones. Very useful instrument indeed!

Mohammed Anwar


Serpstat is an all-in-one SEO tool that doesn't require a hefty subscription for users. Comparing it to other players out there, their price tag is much more affordable, and it basically included every function you needed to do a modern SEO. Good Job and I highly recommended.

Eric Ang Ze Cheng


I'm using Serpstat to build the organic traffic for my site and my clients' sites and couldn't recommend it highly enough. It's one of those tools that I use every-single-day (which is rare!). Their UI is great. I love their cluster research tool and missing keywords feature, which allows me to do some intelligent keyword research. Serpstat's site audit tool is also very impressive and well thought out. Their competitor research data has been the most beneficial to me as it allows me to focus on hidden opportunities. As for support, it's always lightning fast and helpful.

Madhav Bhandari

Marketing Consultant

Anton Voronyuk

CEO and founder

Alexandra Tachalova

Digital Marketing Consultant
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