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SERPSTAT has been such a great experience. Every week I'm learning something new and helpful about their analytics tools. Their videos and blog posts have been very useful in understanding all of their features. It's great for competitor and keyword analysis and has even helped me with finding blog topics. Thank you SERPSTAT for putting out a great product!

Michael Quinn

Serpstat has been great for finding how your competition is measuring up. This tool is a must because it shows you the organic results on google and the advertising ones. Very useful instrument indeed!

Mohammed Anwar


I'm using Serpstat to build the organic traffic for my site and my clients' sites and couldn't recommend it highly enough. It's one of those tools that I use every-single-day (which is rare!). Their UI is great. I love their cluster research tool and missing keywords feature, which allows me to do some intelligent keyword research. Serpstat's site audit tool is also very impressive and well thought out. Their competitor research data has been the most beneficial to me as it allows me to focus on hidden opportunities. As for support, it's always lightning fast and helpful.

Madhav Bhandari

Marketing Consultant

Anton Voronyuk

CEO and founder

Alexandra Tachalova

Digital Marketing Consultant

Yury Sotnikov

CEO and founder

I've started using this service quite recently but some of its tools immediately became the part of my life. By the way, now it is possible to use this service for Belarus region, which I'm really happy about. I'd like to specifically mention the keyword research tool and website visibility report. You can collect a list of keywords and group them according to the target page, which is really convenient. Another tools that is worth of attention is a competitor analysis tool that shows what keywords your competitors rank for while you don't, so called "missed keywords". It helps significantly extend the list of keywords and, consequently, draw more relevant traffic to the website. And of course, there is a user-friendly interface and convenient reports, which you can easily export in any format. In conclusion I'd like to say that SERPstat is one of the few services that I'd recommend to everyone.

Veronika Batsian

Аnalyst, Google top contributor
SERPstat has so much to offer that you get really inspired once you start using it. I love discovering new and new little features as I am using it daily. It's like a Swiss knife! I love the feature allowing you to research niche questions containing your keyword (content inspiration!). I love the filters that let you see queries triggering "special features" like blended results (News, Videos, Maps), Knowledge Graph and one-box featured answers. Oh and most recently I have discovered that you can filter your keyword lists to only see those mentioning the location. How awesome is that!? Love the tool, its usability, speed and feature set. Thanks for bringing something new to the table!

Ann Smarty

Brand and Community Manager

Serpstat is a great tool. I use it daily to do competitor analysis aswell as checking out my own search engine rankings. The tool in my opinion is superior to some of the others on the market as it seems to dig a little bit deeper and provides more data. Its very competitively priced too, and its great you can try out the tool for FREE

Craig Campbell


If you want to know how your competitors are doing exactly in both organic and advertising results in Google, then SERPstat is the perfect tool for you. I really love how SERPstat identifies competitors for any domain within a few seconds and gives comprehensive insights about their keywords and positions. With the help of this data, I can successfully deliver a pitch for a client based on data-driven content!

Alexandra Tachalova

Digital Marketing Consultant
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