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Do you want to analyze keywords for your website?

With Serpstat you can make it faster than you think. Hurry up and try it!

Chose from the most relevant organic keywords from top 100 and rank on first positions.

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" title = "Keyword Analysis – Serpstat 16261788497144" />

Find the most efficient keywords used by your competitors in Ads. Take top positions.

Find what questions your audience is asking the most. Give relevant answers and content to attract more visitors to your site.

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Research hundreds of domains and keywords using Sersptat Batch Analysis. Have a detailed report of your competitors’ advantages in organic and paid search. Use them to rank your site higher!

Keyword Analysis – Serpstat 16261788497144

All-in-One SEO platform for professionals

Five Tools You Should Use to Rank Higher

Rank tracker

1. Accurate tracking at global and local levels on a daily basis.

2. Analytics data on search traffic distribution for the tracked keywords.

3. Traffic share of each of the top 100 domains in one request.

4. SERP historical data for all projects.

5. Multilingual rank tracker and custom reports.

6. Local Search

Backlink Analysis

1. Backlink data in one click

2. Full backlinks data collected over the last 2 years

3. Keep a track of your competitors backlink strategies

4. Get the quality scores of referring domains

5. Find pages that attract the most links

Keyword Research

1. In-depth URL Analysis

2. Insights on Search Questions

3. "Tree-view" Keywords Distribution

4. Related Keywords

5. Adaptable Filters

Site Audit

1. Serpstat Domain Optimization Score

2. Clean up your website

3. Don't miss new errors

Competitor Research

1. Analyze all of your competitors online

2. Niche Leaders Identification

3. Follow the visibility and keyword trends

4. Monitor the progress of your competitors

5. Get the keyword map of your competitor's website

In-depth URL Analysis

Serpstat is the first page-oriented platform for a deep competitive analysis that helps you find competitors and define missing keywords for a single URL.

Insights on Search Questions

Research niche questions and find ideas for creating traffic-driving content.

"Tree-view" Keywords Distribution

Rank your URLs on the firstpage of Google search. Use Serpstat`s unique Tree-view algorithm to check your page's positions, improve the ones that are just behind the first page and gain more traffic.

Related Keywords

Discover all search terms and phrases that are semantically connected to the queried keyword.

Adaptable Filters

Set your own parameters and get exactly what you’re looking for. Our advanced filters are the best on the market.

Serpstat Domain Optimization Score

Serpstat's unique SDO score shows how well your web site is optimised. It also allows you to compare the quality of your website's optimization to the quality of your competitors optimization.

Clean up your website

Start your SEO and linkbuilding by fixing errors on your website. We'll show you the optimization errors and the way to fix them. Don't let bad pages stop your improvement.

Don't miss new errors

Moving to HTTPS? Make sure you don't miss any duplicates and that your redirects are in order. Find missing H1, and check your website for any access and indexation issues. This will help you optimise your website for a better ranking.

Plan your SEM strategy and budget properly

Not sure if you should hire an SEO specialist? Check your website with Serpstat's site audit to find out if your website needs help.

Analyze all of your competitors online

Get the complete list of websites and pages in organic and paid search that rank for the keywords in the same niche.

Niche Leaders Identification

Find pages with the best visibility in your niche - not only by specific keyword. Find out what makes market leaders successful and use their tactics to improve your website.

Follow the visibility and keyword trends

Your competitors have weak points and strong points. Serpstat will show you both. Learn how your competitors improve their websites and keep up with them.

Monitor the progress of your competitors

Can't outrank your competitor? Serpstat will show you their weak spots. Find keywords that your competitors are losing grasp on and use the opportunity to take their place in SERP.

Get the keyword map of your competitor's website

"Find out where pages of your competitors website rank for certain keywords and what in position."

Rank tracker

The complete research of SERP with advanced analytics

Backlink Analysis

The complete research of SERP with advanced analytics

Keyword Research

The complete research of SERP with advanced analytics

Site Audit

The complete research of SERP with advanced analytics

Competitor Research

The complete research of SERP with advanced analytics

The most popular Serpstat Plans

Personal demonstration

Find out about the main features of the service in a convenient way for you!

Please send a request, and our specialist will offer you education options: a personal demonstration, a trial period, or materials for self-study and increasing expertise — everything for a comfortable start to work with Serpstat.

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