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Ads examples

Here are listed examples of ads, as well as the number of keywords for which the analyzed page displays ads. It will help you collect the semantic core for an advertising campaign, which competitors are already using and which brings them income.

Ads examples 16261788840812

Ads — sample ads for a page.
URL — where exactly this ad leads.
Keywords — the number of keywords by which the ad is shown (to see the list, click on the indicator).

Use case: ads set up
To run ads for your pages, you can search for similar competitor pages and see both example ads and a list of keywords for them. Determine on which pages the competitor launches ads the most and do the same with their pages. This is a quick way for both new pages and previously created ones.

Report set up
Here are some tips on how you can set up the report for your needs:
1. The blue mark provides quick access to other reports;

Ads examples 16261788840812

2. Most indicators in the columns are clickable, to see a detailed report  — click on the indicator.