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Submit URLs to Bing and Yandex

IndexNow is an easy way for sites to notify Bing and Yandex of site content changes. Search engines instantly detect new content and reflect the change in search results.

Without IndexNow, search engines take longer to detect content changes, as they don't crawl all pages often.

1. Use the IndexNow API key to verify that you own the host (domain, domain with www or subdomain) and the pages you submit are located on that host. If there is no such key, generate it at the bottom of this page.

2. Place the key in the .txt file in the root directory of your host. The file name must match the value of the API key. Please note, if your host is domain with www, the API key must be accessible on that domain with www and vice versa.

3. Submit up to 10 000 pages and check the results in the Bing or Yandex Webmaster Tools.

Don't have the IndexNow API key?