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First, you need to create a project. Go to List of Projects and click on Create New Project. Enter a domain’s name and a project name. If you have previously created a project for the purpose of rank tracking, simply click on Start Audit on the project dashboard.

Site audit may take a few minutes. When the audit is over, the project dashboard will be reloaded and you’ll see an SDO score - our own metric that show how well a website is optimized on a scale from 1 to 100. It’s calculated as the ratio of a domain’s number of errors and how critical they are to the total number of a domain’s possible errors. The higher the SDO score, the better the domain’s optimization.

For a detailed site audit report, go to Audit Summary. The first thing you’ll see here is a domain’s Comprehensive Analysis report which is based on the error priority that includes three levels: high priority, middle priority and low priority. The Fixed figure shows how many errors have been fixed since the previous update (if it’s not the first time that you’re doing site audit for the domain in question).

You can compare the audit results with the previous audit report by selecting the audit for comparison and clicking on Compare, or you can redo the audit by clicking on Repeat Analysis.

High priority errors are the most dangerous and detrimental for your site’s SEO health. Removing these errors should be the first item on your to-do list.

Middle priority errors are not so severe as high priority ones, but still they impact your rankings in a negative way and need to be fixed.

Low priority errors have less negative influence on your online presence and can fixed after the high and middle priority errors.

You can select the audit schedule from 3 available options: daily, every 3 days or every 7 days. Also, you prefer to choose on-demand audit.

Detailed reports on every audit aspect can be accessed directly from Audit Summary, or you may switch to necessary report on the Site Audit dashboard.

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