User Guide

New Backlinks tool show backlinks the researched domain has received in the past 90 days. 

Donor URL - the referring page.

Acceptor URL - the page that received the backlink.

Anchor -  the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink

Serpstat Page Rank (SPR) - a score on scale from 0 to 100 which measures the page authority. Serpstat Page Rank predicts how influential a URL might be based on the number of pages  linking to it. Links are not measured with equal weight, so a strong link will have a relatively stronger influence on URLs.

Serpstat Trust Rank (STR) - a score on scale from 0 to 100 which measures the site authority based on how authoritative and trusted are the sites linking to the site in question. A site closely linked to trusted site can obtain higher trust rank scores, while a site which has some questionable links would get a much lower score.

Link Type -  follow or nofollow link, i.e. a link that passes link juice or doesn't.

First Indexed - the first time the crawler detected the backlink

Last Seen - the last time the crawler indexed the backlink

The report allows you to instantly analyze your competitors link profile and find authoritative and trustworthy backlink sources. All links are clickable and lead to corresponding pages.  

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